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Sunspeed Flooring-Laminate Flooring Manufacturer

Sunspeed Flooring as a subsidiary company of Sunspeed Group has been professional laminate flooring manufacturer and exporter since 2002. And Our competitive products benefit dozens of floor traders, distributors and retailers around the world.

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Honey Oak Laminate Flooring

As one of the oak series products, honey oak laminate flooring is especially welcomed due to its special texture and hue. Characterized by many circled wood grains, honey oak laminate flooring brings the feeling of hardwood flooring. Additionally, honey oak laminate flooring shows the color of light brown, light red or light yellow which enables itself to match well with any decoration style. Many customers choose honey oak laminate mostly because of its “easy going ” colors.

Besides honey oak laminate flooring Sunspeed Flooring offer other styles of oak laminate floor with each style being readily accepted by our customers. Among them are harvest oak flooring, rustic oak flooring, red oak flooring and classic oak flooring. These various types of oak laminate floor can all be produced with different surface textures. According to our customers, gloss laminate flooring seems to be most marketable. Therefore, honey oak laminate flooring with gloss surface has become one of the classic products in our company.

Have you fallen in love with honey oak laminate flooring? If so simply add it to the quote cart and don’t forget to select options such as gloss or high gloss if you fancy it.

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