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Platinum Bullion

Even though it is rarer than gold, platinum is widely used in the automobile manufacturing industry, glass and electrical industry, and the jewelry trade. Perhaps this is why many perceive platinum as a commercial metal and, therefore, disregard its true value. However, trading paper money for tangible assets is one of the most effective ways to secure yourself and your family’s future.

Why buy platinum bullion?

Maybe the best reason to consider investing in platinum bullion is its scarcity. In fact, financial analysts have even estimated what will happen if the platinum mining operations were to cease and came to the conclusion that the current supply will not last for an entire year. On the other hand, if gold mining activities were to be stopped, then remaining supplies will be enough for approximately 25 years.

Buying platinum bullion today is also a smart investment choice because:

  • Financial trends show that platinum outperforms its gold and silver counterparts
  • It is in high demand in the auto industry (40% of the metal is essentially used for producing catalysts)
  • The platinum mining activities are affected by strikes in South Africa
  • Rumors have it that platinum mining and production will decrease due to the high costs of the operations and limited profits
  • Platinum jewelry is at high demand in emerging markets, particularly in China