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Coin Exchange is a trusted dealer of coins, gold, silver, diamonds and more. Whether you are a collector, an investor or are looking to sell your coins or jewelry, Coin Exchange can help by making exchanges easy and informative while paying top dollar. Visit to learn more.

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Gold Coins

Even since the ancient times, gold currency has been a time-tested answer for all societies that strived towards economic prosperity and frankly, it’s no different today. In spite of the fact that governments and economies rely on a fiat currency system nowadays and the precious metal coins have been replaced with paper money and credit cards, buying and selling gold coins is still the best solution for anyone in need of sound money.

Not only are gold coins able to protect your wealth and preserve your purchasing power, but they are universally accepted and available in divisible forms. Consequentially, buying or selling gold coins via any reputable coin dealer becomes a convenient method of securing your assets and insuring your loved one’s future.

Increase the value of your coin collection by investing in gold

Despite the fact that most amateurs believe that their coin collection will increase in value over time without them having to lift a finger, passionate collectors know that their collection cannot grow in value unless they invest in gold coins and rare US coinage. Because we care about our customers and want to help them maximize the return of their investment, we recommend the following tips to anyone who is into coin collecting:

  • Stick with gold coins minted in North America (American Gold Eagle, American Gold Buffalo or the Canadian Maple Leaf)
  • While gold coins are available in various weights, it is best to invest in the one ounce coins because you’ll pay lower premium for them
  • Don’t forget to invest in quality storage supplies and protect your collection from the elements