Online tutoring-The Latest education trend

Online tutoring—adding fun to learning


Roll back to your childhood years for a few minutes. The days when you were back from school, after learning a new chapter in math. Do you remember sitting down to do your homework only to run into a stumbling block: a really tough problem in math? You knew the formula backwards; you got the steps right. But the right answer eluded you. How you wished someone would appear before you like a fairy godmother & help you every step of the way.


Well, online tutoring as a boon came in the late nineties, which is catching up with students in every corner of the world


Tutor, Just a click away


Offering live, web-based help with studies, online tutoring has been a boon to students born & brought up in the cyber world. It is interactive, fast, easy-to-access and convenient. Most importantly, it makes learning fun & exciting to a generation that is net-savvy & click-happy.


The booming market

As with any other BPO company, the tutors are based elsewhere. While the tutee may be in another part of the world. What’s better, the kid enjoys the process as he is already very familiar with the computer and internet. This means the tutor can catch him when he is receptive & ready to learn. Since the medium is interactive, the child gets to clear his doubts unlike a typical classroom where students’ shy away to ask questions in the classroom.. All of which makes learning a fun activity. 


Online Offerings

 Take a look at the advantages that an online service provides:


ü      Comfort and privacy of home

ü      24/7 tutor support

ü      Convenience to choose the class timing

ü      Fast and easy learning help

ü      Affordable

ü      Personal attention to student’s improvement

ü      Saves time


Online tutoring is going to be the new mantra in the years ahead as more & more students turn to the net in the comfort of their homes for homework help or guidance for any exam. Right now, there is a boom in the market & chances are, it will stay that way.


Out of 10 million students in the US, 2 million are home schooled.  Around 1.3 million students opted to online learning in 2003. It is this market that online tutoring aims to capture primarily. As private tuition gets expensive, more & more parents turn to online tutoring.


A well equipped online tutoring website uses all or some of the following tools: video, audio, text-chat, digital whiteboard or just a whiteboard. A digital whiteboard comes with a keyboard unlike a whiteboard where the tutor writes out the steps/instructions by hand. A web cam helps a student see what the tutor is writing on the whiteboard. Some websites have a well stocked video library. The library is just like your friendly neighborhood library with one difference. It is virtual. Students who have enrolled are given access to it with a registration number. They can buy any video on any subject. - Dynamic & growing


One of the latest entrants in the business, is the world’s first online real audio visual tutoring and homework help service provider. It was started in August 2006. Highly qualified tutors, all post graduates in their disciplines, are trained to handle any syllabus. Knowledge Online Services provide a range of customized solutions to students. Whether it is a simple mathematical problem or a dissertation.


Tutoring help is 24/7 with a customer support to guide students through live chats, handle student queries on toll free number & of course fast response through email. Tutoring services cover K-12, college & help is offered for competitive exams like GRE, SAT, GMAT & so on. Students are also given free demo sessions to help understand the system better.


Apart from this there is online help available for Homework help, essay, dissertation and project guidelines, the turnaround time for these is 24 hours. Where the tutors go through the essay give remarks to enhance it, provide points to improve and guides to augment the quality of writing.


So the next time your kid logs on, remember he may not be playing. He could be learning.


The difference is, he could still find it exciting.









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