Restaurant point of sale

Table and Guest Management

Use this product with Point of Success restaurant point of sale software to track waiting guests, reservations, and manage the tables in a restaurant

Table Map

Define your dining area on one screen or assign different rooms or dining areas to separate tabs. Table sizes, shapes and seating capacities are controlled in the table map designer. Use the table map for tasks in Table and Guest Management and Point of Success order entry:

  • Check table status
  • Open or close a station or dining area
  • Visually tie tables to servers and dining areas
  • Select a table from the table map in Point of Success Order Entry to create or edit a guest order

Wait List and Reservations

No more paper wait lists! Enter guests as they arrive, then manage every point of contact with a guest:

  • Enter guest name, party size, and seating preference
  • Record estimated wait time
  • Track waiting guest statistics (total guests waiting, longest wait time, average wait time)

Track reservations for any date in the future. Set your reservation list time interval and the total number of reservations permitted for any point in time.

Management Information

The Manager's Console gives a one-screen overview of guest seating, wait list and reservation performance.

Separate statistics windows are available for the hospitality staff to check statistics for the wait list and dining room without accessing the Manager's Console.

More System Details

Table and Guest Management is intended for use on a touch screen or with a mouse and keyboard. Touch a guest reservation and this window displays, allowing selection of an action for the guest.

Table and Guest Management allows tables to assigned to a server station. Open and close stations, change the server for a station, and define different station templates for different days or day parts.

Find a party wherever they are seated in any dining area.

Each table in the table map displays six key points of information. Pop up this Table Legend window at any time to be reminded of the information displayed.

t Starts with a Low Price!

Point of Success is known for its low price and ample feature list. Not only is the software inexpensive, but other aspects of doing business with us are also very attractive:

  • Work with a local independent dealer or directly with the company
  • Select your own hardware -- From inexpensive computers and accessories to the latest and greatest all-in-one touch screen terminals
  • There is no requirement to buy support or maintenance plans -- Choose the level of service that fits your needs
  • Maintenance updates are provided at no charge for all customers, with major feature upgrades priced very affordably

Technology to help your business grow and prosper has never been easier or more affordable!

Software to Run Your Restaurant

Point of Success software can help any restaurant run more efficiently. No matter whether you run a quick-service doughnut shop, a pizzeria, or a fine dining restaurant, Point of Success will make your operation more efficient while saving money!

  • Customize ordering menus to fit your way of doing business
  • Process orders quickly
  • Speed customers through order entry and payment tender
  • Control cash in cash drawers and delivery driver banks
  • Report on every aspect of your business

What Type of Restaurants Can Use Point of Success Software?

Point of Success was designed with features that work well for any type of restaurant from quick service to fast casual, pizza delivery to fine dining and bars. Point of Success is easily customized to meet your specific needs.

Here are some of the features that make Point of Success the restaurant software system of choice for POS functions!

Enhance Restaurant Efficiency

Point of Success offers all the efficiency-enhancing features you expect from good restaurant software. Customers and staff are happier because orders are prepared as quickly as possible.

Enter and Track Orders

The most important feature of any restaurant pos software is order entry and tracking! Point of Success makes it easy to customize its order entry menu specifically for your needs.

Point of Success tracks customers, previous order history, and stores a restaurant's entire product list and ordering menu. Order entry is fast and easy with touch screen support, or you can use a keyboard and mouse if you prefer. No restaurant pos software system is easier to use!

If you track customers for phone orders (delivery or pick-up), select a customer from the database by entering their telephone number. Account details like first order date, buying history and contact information is readily available. Repeat a customer's previous order with the touch of a button. Customer information isn't required if you don't need to store it. A Caller ID option is also available to make customer selection easier and more accurate. Customer tracking and delivery are available only in Point of Success Premium .

Print Preparation Tickets or Use the Kitchen Monitor

Point of Success prints easy-to-read preparation tickets. Tickets can be printed on a shared receipt printer or on a separate printer in the kitchen or bar. An included kitchen monitor feature can move your restaurant closer to a paperless operation .

The kitchen monitor can be used at one or several prep locations. All that's required is a standard computer. Adjust the display to show orders by prep station or service, then bump orders with a touch screen, standard computer keyboard, mouse, or bump bar .

Dispatch Delivery Drivers

Every delivery order automatically appears on the delivery dispatch screen . Just select an order, select the delivery driver, and touch one button to dispatch the order or orders. Returning delivery drivers log in to indicate their availability for another delivery. Delivery dispatches can be done with a separate workstation or combined with an order entry workstation to allow one computer to perform double duty.

Balance and Control Cash Drawers, Driver Banks and Server Banks

Every server and driver bank is automatically flagged for cash drops and easily balanced at the end of a shift. Cash drawers can be assigned to one staff member or shared among all staff members to permit multiple levels of cash control.

Cash control is an important restaurant pos software feature. Each cash register till, server bank and driver bank are opened and tracked to make end-of-shift balancing fast and accurate. Server banking is only available in Point of Success Premium .

Analyze Marketing Effectiveness

Many restaurants need to advertise and promote their business to become and remain successful. Marketing is expensive, and Point of Success helps analyze which marketing campaigns should be terminated and which campaigns or offers should be continued or expanded.

Business Reporting

Standard business reports help owners and managers understand the financial performance of a restaurant. Accounting and tax reporting information is retrieved from the manager's workstation with a few simple commands.




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