Dubai hotel

Dubai hotel sector is set to expand dramatically over the coming years. In 2006 Dubai hotel occupancy rates were the highest in the world at 86%. If you look closer at the 5 star hotel segment the occupancy rates are even higher at 92%. This is even with the highest price per room at $232 US. These rates are even greater than the 5 star price per room night of cities such as New York and Paris.

The Dubai tourism boom is fueling these lofty numbers and are expected to increase their 5 million annual visitors to 15 million by 2012. Most of this boom is being driven by the city run airline Emirates. Emirates has 80 direct flights to destinations around the world and is expecting to add another 20 destinations over the next few years. Dubai's hotel sector is set to add a Palazzo Versace and the first Trump International project outside of North America. It is no mistake that the Trump organization has spotted Dubai as its first step into the region to begin its international branding initiative.

The tourism boom spearheaded by Emirates has been strategically driven by acting initially as the stopover point for Europeans and Asian connecting through their respective continents. The strategy has now expanded into Australia and North America with new destinations such as San Francisco and Chicago to be announced pending airline orders. Additionally given the initial demand for its Australian and its lone North American destination New York Emirates has added additional daily flights. Much of its future focus will be on capturing the North American market similar to what they have done in Australia in addition too aggressively going after the China market. Initial destinations of Hong Kong and Shanghai and now Beijing show Emirates is committed to China.

Dubai Hotel Apartments is set To recieve twenty new 4, and 5 stars towers which would double the Capacity of Furnished Apartments in Dubai to over 20,000 room night

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