A Design To Suit Every Occasion – Diamond Pendant Styles

Diamond pendants have been around for as long one can remember. Second only to the diamond ring, diamond pendants are probably the most gifted diamond ornament the world over. The small glittery stones set in attractive patterns symbolic of culture or just a large rock shining its way into the hearts of wearers and admirers, diamond pendant styles are many. Diamond pendants can be worn at every occasion. Whether you are off to work, out on a holiday, going for a quiet dinner or partying late into the night, diamonds are so versatile that they are suitable for it all. Unlike some gemstones and pearls, a diamond is neither too formal nor too casual. Moreover, since a diamond reflects and refracts the light it absorbs its glitter is always in keeping with the ambience of the setting. Wearing a diamond pendant means having every onlooker's eye riveted on your neck at least for a few seconds. Since a diamond pendant is such a visible and obviously expensive piece of jewelry, you have to be careful to select the right pattern and style. There are all kinds of diamond pendant styles available. In fact, you can get one made to your taste if you don't particularly care for what is available. Depending on the wearer's age, taste and occasion diamond pendants are designed into classic cultural symbols like the cross, the heart, or other signs. Many people also like to wear alphabet or numeral pendants that signify their name or a lucky number. Another popular kind of pendant style is the designer pendants fashioned per designs made popular by celebrities and jewelry makers. Designer diamond pendants are ideal if you already have earrings or a ring to match with them whereas symbol and alphabet pendants are a stand-alone piece. Apart from the conventional women's pendants, there is also a large selection of diamond pendants for men available today. The men's diamond pendant designs are chunkier and usually more geometric. Many men also like to sport the alphabet or numeral pendants on chunky gold chains. If you are thinking of gifting a diamond pendant, make sure you have a clear idea of your budget and the occasion of the gift. The prices of diamond pendants can vary as much as they do in the case of rings and if you are not sure what you want to spend the choice can be very hard.