Should I update my printer drivers?

Should I update my printer driver?

From time to time, Printer manufacturers release software updates for many of the inkjet printers they manufacture. These updates include bug fixes and may even enable additional features you might not be aware of.

It can't hurt to update your driver

If your printer is working well and you'd rather not update your drivers, there's probably no harm in leaving well-enough alone but to take advantage of the latest software and printer features, download driver updates from the printer manufacturer's website.

It never hurts to save backup copies of the older driver just in case you run into incompatibility problems later or, if you've downloaded and installed the incorrect driver. If you've recently updated your driver or printer software and are experiencing problems printing, you might well try to roll back the driver or uninstall the update, then reinstall the older driver.

Driver updates are usually free

These driver updates are free and might unleash the full potential of your older inkjet or laser printer.

For links directly to Epson, HP, Brother, Canon, Dell and Lexmark driver download pages, visit our help page.

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