alfalfa treatment diabetes and malfunctioning thyroid gland

The name Alfalfa is derived from the arabic al-fac-facah and means 'father of all foods'. The genus name, Medicago, refers to Medea in North Africa from where this plant is thought to have originated. The species name, sativa, means 'with a long history of cultivation'. Alfalfa was an important crop to the Arabs who fed it to their racehorses. In folk medicine, the drug is used in the treatment of diabetes and malfunctioning of the thyroid gland. Alfalfa has isolated use as a diuretic and aromatic. The saponin contents act on the cardiovascular, nervous and digestive systems. Where Alfalfa grows wild, it is an indicator of rich soil. It is planted by farmers and turned under to fix nitrogen and enrich the soil. When cows consume it, it increases their milk production.  Alfalfa is an excellent nutritive food for people convalescing. It is a commercial source of chlorophyll.

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