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Sustainability is an important issue, but does anyone really care? Although there is a high awareness of environmental issues, fuelled by the threat of global warming, is this awareness actually making a difference in the purchasing decisions we make? We're becoming better about disposing of our waste, through recycling, but do we connect this with what we buy?

It seems that currently our conscience for going green is restricted to what we consume - recycling our food and drinks packaging, and also some energy conservation. But how can we broaden this narrow view of evironmental care? We need better, and more consistent information and education on what goes into the products we buy and use. How are they made?, what are they made of?, where are they made?, where does the waste go?, and finally, what do i do with our purchases when they've reached the end of thier lives?

With food packaging there lists its ingredients, calories and fat content, country of origin, etc. - information which enables us to make clear decisions on what we put in our bodies. Can we have something which enables us to make informed decisions about what we put in our homes?