The Sustainability Circle

As designers, we prefer to work with materials that age well and come from sustainable sources. We use a very restrained aesthetic to complement different interior styles, and we build in flexibility to accommodate changing technology. As manufacturers, we try to minimise the environmental impact of our work wherever possible - from recycling manufacturing waste to using solvent-free finishes and returnable/recyclable packaging. While Pause ll, our first range of furniture, is 98% recyclable, we are far more interested in its sustainability. We would rather refurbish one of our pieces, than recycle it. It would be unthinkable to recycle a Chippendale or a piece of Charles Renee Mackintosh, and that’s how we feel about our furniture. It is not for the moment, it is for our time. We accept, however, that our time is not necessarily infinite. Circumstances change, we move around, we change direction. Our possessions may not always suit were we are going. So committed are we to the concept of sustainability, we would rather you invest in another one of our designs that suits your new environment, and take back the piece you first purchased from us. We would then refurbish the first piece, and resell it on your behalf. Surely this sustainability in its purest form? It preserves what is good, and promotes what is new. For further information visit our web site at