Team Popovitch Wins N.A.G.A FLORIDA Team Award!!!

Yes we did it again! We won the Team award of the most prestigious Grappling tournament in Us.
Special thanks to all the people that supported us in the tournament.

Here are the Quick Results from N.A.G.A:

Renan Chavez
1st Place Intermediate No Gi

Jimmy Brasco
1st Place Advanced No Gi
1st Place Masters Advanced No GI

Michael Volpe
1st Place Novice No Gi 159lbs

Brian Fuery
1st Place Masters Intermediate No Gi 200Lbs
2nd Place Intermediate No Gi
2nd Place Advanced No Gi

Tom Leteaurneau
1st Place Masters No Gi 159lbs
2nd Place Intermediate No Gi 200lbs
3rd Place Intermediate No Gi 159lbs

Erick Magalhaes
1st Place Beginner No Gi 200lbs

Glenn Hall
1st Place Intermediate No Gi 169Lbs

Sig Ringoen
1st Place Masters No Gi 200Lbs

Sunny Pack
1st Place No Gi 169lbs

Brandon Lewis
2nd Place Gi Beginner 200lbs

Scott Garret
2nd Place Masters Gi 200Lbs

Vagner Rocha
3rd Place Advanced 179Lbs

Britanny Bush
2nd Place Gi Intermediate Kids Division
3rd Place No Gi Intermediate Kids Division

Also Great Performance by: Andrew,Kevin Gabay, Leo Moreno, Andres and Jonny Cardonna.

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