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User Review : WIZ WEB HOST Visit: WIZWEBHOST I am extremely happy with the service ixwebhosting provides my company and my client's. I have never detected down time. The management tools ixwebhosting provides for e-mail and other maintenance is outstanding with great human interface. I have dealt with a number of Hosting Companies in my tenure as WebMaster and have never had a smoother, easier transition. I highly reccommend wizwebhost as your Hosting Company! Sincerely, Ken Bailey Mountain Biking USA WebMaster -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1)Their phone support is ALWAYS always busy during the peak hours and long wait time. 2)The helpdesk and live chat support is pretty good but sometimes a little bit slow; I have sent couple of support requests in the last two weeks for the same problem, it took them quite a while to resolve this particular issue completely. 3)In the last six months They make you do the file transfer when they switch.the servers. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have been with this company for about 6 months and in first week of Jan they had problems with their servers (SCSI Driver supposedly) and my site was down for about an 20 minutes. When the site went down I immediately called up phone support and they said the machine is down and they do not have an ETA yet, I was like come on looks like I am in the same mess that I had at my previous host. I was quite frustrated as I could not afford any downtime since it was costing me lot of money. As my worry was increasing there came a call from WIZ WEBHOST phone support confirming my site was up again. Well that was good news for me and hence I am here letting you know about my experience about WIZ WEBHOST. Since then I never had any further issues with ixwebhosting. Rick Manson -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yes, the tech support (online helpdesk)could be beefed up but I haven't had too many reasons to call tech support. I'd estimate a 10 minute or so outage every two months. They are NOT marketing other words.. don't expect a chatty exchange of ideas. They do make me very happy, I mean WIZ WEB HOST phone support, they simply are great bunch of guys. Whenever I call these guys they really make you feel good, they are very friendly and technical very knowledgable. I myself being a senior programmer sometimes find their technical skills awesome. I really recommend ixwebhosting. Andrew Burton Senior Web Developer Oracle Corporaton, Redwood City

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