Tips For Designing A Beauty Salon or Spa

How To Measure A Beauty Salon or Spa By David S.S. Davis Design Director Veeco Manufacturing, Inc. Before visiting a beauty salon or spa planning professional, be sure to consider the following information needed for planning for your salon chairs, station, multi-purpose rooms, shampoo bowl plumbing, and electrical. 1.Start at the most convenient point and accurately measure along wall surfaces until measurements are complete. When measuring doors and windows, only include trim around the window in the dimensions, not the door. If you measure along the floor, include the thickness of the baseboards. 2.Be sure to show swing of doors. 3.Indicate ceiling height. 4.Show location of all existing plumbing and measurement to center of drain lines. 5.Note any concrete or masonry walls. 6.Show exact location of offsets, post or other unique structures and items. 7.Show location of exposed pipes, conduit, vents, columns or other objects not attached to walls. Also, indicate location of electrical panel box. 9.Minimum space needed per stylist is 32 square feet or 6.25’ x 5’. A room for pedicures requires a minimum 24 square feet or 4’ X 6’ room. A room for facial, massages, skin care, or electrolysis requires a minimum 80 square feet or 8’ X 10’ room; however, an ideal massage room that gives the therapist more room to work would be 9’ X 12’ or 108 Sq. Feet. Adding men’s hairstyling space with small waiting area requires a minimum of 90 square feet or a 10’ X 9’ room. A tint room requires a minimum of 4 lineal feet per station and usually a ledge of only 12” deep is required; thus, only about 20-25 Sq. Feet per chair are needed. 10.Always allow sufficient aisle space between partitions or between furniture and partitions. A 3’ minimum clearance is needed. 4’ is better. 11.If work stations will be opposite each other in a face-to-face vanity arrangement, allow a minimum of 12’ between the stylist work circles. Always allow a minimum of 4’ between end of vanity and end of wall. 12.If you are going to have island type vanities that project out from the wall and separate stations, you need a minimum of 6’ between the back of one and the back of another. 13.When dryers are placed in a back-to back or a face-to-face arrangement, the recommended minimum spacing required is 11’ and 12’. Note any partitions that could be removed.
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