This season in Jewelry

Welcome to spring 2006! This spring its time to make a statement with your jewelry. Because this season is full of big bold jewelry, your glittery charms are more than just an accessory; they are a focal point of an ensemble. green amber, amber choker, amber necklace, baltic amberOften we are looking for that little addition that adds spark to the look, and this season that spark is most definitely to be found around the neck. Two facets of fashion are key this season; size and color. For size, the answer is BIG. Big striking beads, the bigger the better, are very hot. Celebrities everywhere have heralded in this trend with big bold beads of every kind. People like Kate Hudson, Courtney Cox, and Jennifer Aniston have been seen recently in these styles. The most important shape is likely the round bead, but we are starting to see faceted vintage style beads storm back. Color this season will be dominated by two schemes. Browns and earth tones, inspired by tribal and African foundations, are the hottest look, so think Ethiopian chic this season. Pastels in green, yellow and even coral colors are also hot. But if you feel like perhaps your Miami Vice days are behind you, then go for the browns, deep cognacs, and amber shades. This influence is being promoted by designers such as Frank Gehry who uses his architectural heritage to influence his large bold forms often in amber, wood, and earth colors. These colors are also heavily featured on Signature-Gems this season in amber jewelry beads and bangles.Combine these big powerful beads with simple tops and understated colors to really set off the look, and you will be set to hit the red carpet, or just hit the mall!