Acne food myths (Dairy products)




All the different sites putting up articles perturb me about acne myths; many of their submissions are very relevant and valid.


The one acne myth that drives me to distraction though, is the food myth,

The food myth goes something like this!


  • Pizza does not make you break out in acne
  • There is no truth that chocolate brings on acne
  • Consuming fried foods does not contribute to an acne flare up!
  • There is no scientific evidence that eating dairy products can contribute to acne.

The sites advocating these myths interestingly enough; are selling products that treat the symptoms of acne like medicated face washes, creams and certain medications such as antibiotics.


Dairy consumption is definitely connected to acne, why?

Because independent scientists can show that milk comes from a pregnant cow or one that has a calf (no surprises there) and the milk is loaded with progesterone, 5-alpha reduced steroids, and other steroid hormones plus iodine; which when broken down by the body results in dihydrotestestosterone (DHT) which turns on the oil making cells in the body.


So with that knowledge you can pretty much rule out all dairy products in your fight to reduce acne, people would argue” Oh but I need milk and dairy for my calcium intake” poppycock! Show me another living creature on this planet that consumes milk after weaning! Let alone milk from another species! Take the cow for instance, a huge animal with large dense bones, how much milk does a cow drink? None! Does a cow or an elephant for that matter suffer from calcium deficiency? No!


It could be argued that milk does not contribute to acne; so i will say it’s the hormones in it and the iodine that do!


If you are partial to drinking milk and you suffer from acne; try drinking an alternative like Soya milk or oat milk.


There are many more foods or to put it another way; substances/chemicals/molecules in food that most definitely do contribute to acne and an acne breakout/flare-up.


Final thoughts!

If there were no connection between food and acne, then wouldn’t it be fair to say that there is no connection between food and weight gain?


In my mind if people prone to weight gain eat certain foods and gain a few pounds, then its perfectly conceivable for a person who is prone to acne, when eating certain foods will have an acne outbreak.



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