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Students have serious misconceptions about what
graduate school involves and about what it takes to
get accepted into a graduate program. Every year these
misconceptions prevent thousands of qualified students
from applying to graduate or professional school and
earning advanced degrees. Many of these students
mistakenly believe that they don't have a realistic
chance of getting in, often because they think their
grades are not good enough. But, the truth is that
they do have a good chance. They are simply unaware of
the many ways that one can overcome mediocre grades
and get into graduate school. Meanwhile, countless
other students do apply to graduate school but fail to
get in because they make fatal mistakes during the
application process. This happens frequently even to
students with excellent grades, and in most such cases
their mistakes stem from not really knowing what
graduate school is about, and from being more or less
in the dark about how the process of selecting
applicants really works.

You can learn how to greatly improve your chances of
getting accepted into graduate school -- even the
graduate school of your choice. At you can access lots of
free information about graduate school and the
application process. You can also download an entire
book written about grad school - Graduate School:
Winning Strategies for Getting In With or Without
Excellent Grades. Written by Dave G. Mumby, Ph.D. who
is a University professor and student advisor, and who
got into grad school with mediocre grades himself
( He offers
clear and easy to understand advice about how you can
stand out above the rest of the competition and get
into the program of your choice.

From the author:

"Of course, there can be no guarantee that by merely
following the advice in this book you will necessarily
succeed at getting into any particular graduate
program. But, I can guarantee you this: If you follow
the advice in this book and use good judgement in how
you apply it to your own situation, you will greatly
improve your chances of getting accepted into graduate
school. Remember, in the end it is you who will
determine your success -- but I know some ways that
you can help yourself. It will clearly be well worth
the cost of this e-book if it helps you obtain the
career choices and earning power that come with an
advanced degree."  Dave G. Mumby, Ph.D.

Download the e-book about applying to graduate school
for half of the price it would cost you to buy it  in
stores (only 9.95$ US funds) and find out how the
process of selecting graduate-school applicants really
works and what important factors exist beyond grades
that determine the success (or failure) of an
application. Learn strategies that you can begin using
immediately to improve your chances of getting into
graduate school and earning an advanced degree. It's
important to realize that it is never too late to take
these important steps.

If you are a senior thinking about an advanced degree
or just entering University and are unsure about what
grad school involves, is the site
for you. Get all the information you need to prepare
and get into the school of your choice, all accessible
in an easy, step-by-step fashion. Download the entire
e-book  (135 pages) about applying to graduate school
or just those chapters that apply to you most. Get
access to lots of free information and helpful tips
direct from the author himself in the Monthly Mumby
Tip section. Check out for

For more information  about web
site contact Sarah Brown Tesolin at or

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