Gambling In The U.S.A. And How One Congress Person Stop It

( October 2, 2007 --
Gambling goes on in the U S A just like drinking did in the probition area. A few lawmakers took it upon them self to make a law no one wanted. Here is how they did it. Bush signs law on security for US ports, ban on online gambling

President George W. Bush signed a law designed to bolster security at US ports and prevent terrorists from smuggling in nuclear weapons.

The law also included an unrelated provision inserted by lawmakers in Congress to severely restrict Internet gambling, prompting gaming companies abroad to close down their US operations.

Note they push the bill inside of the port bill and if turned down the port bill goes dead. Iam not saying we did not need the port bill but congress does not do right when they slid one law in with another. Congress knew the online gambling bill would not pass on its on. Gambling in the U S A was at its all time high money was being made but the big boys was not getting their cut. Here is what republicans backing the provision said it was designed to protect youngsters from the financial and moral damage of online gambling, but opponents said it could prove extremely difficult to enforce. I for one grow old with spare the rod and save the child take a look at what kids or doing in U S A no laws or going to stop them from gambling.

Here is what or congress said that gambling businesses that cater to horse-racing and state lotteries, which enjoy powerful political patronage, were exempted from the law. Thats because they control them. Dont get me wrong i love the USA We need to make change u read the part about the lotteries yes they control the money collected from it if u still it u go to jail.

This brings us to the online gambling bill congress could not control it so out it goes. When money is made from lotteries in the USA the money goes in the general fund. Do many people no what a general fund is. I checked any law maker can get to this money and spend it as he or she wants to. And it is millions of dollars a month going in these general funds.Moes World Search Engine Directory,Computers,Sports Betting we are here for u online gambling fun

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