blue sky scrubs finally brings fashion into the operating room

Anesthesiology resident Shelby Marquardt was not about to let her dedication to a serious profession dictate her wardrobe. Always a creative dresser and accomplished seamstress, she knew there had to be some way to individualize her look, corral her long hair during surgery, and do it in style. Spending 12-plus hours a day in drab, ill-fitting scrub hats prompted Marquardt to invent the perfect solution: a slim-fitting, colorful, scrub hat made from fine fabric, with a ribbon-tied pouch that neatly ties back a short or a long ponytail. The Pony (patent pending) allows medical workers with long hair to tuck it away without resorting to the dreaded shower-cap style. Once she began wearing her new invention to work, Marquardt's co-workers clamored for their own Pony scrub hats, and she began spending her weekends sewing new hats from her own collection of fabrics. She soon developed the Mini scrub hat for women with shorter hair, and then created the men's version. Striking a chord with her reusable invention, the Pony quickly became a widely recognized addition in the halls and operating rooms of Houston's Hermann Hospital. The buzz spread to other hospitals in Houston's large medical community, and Marquardt started getting phone calls and emails from doctors, nurses and other residents who had seen her hats and had to have their own. Because the hats are available in so many luxurious and unique fabrics, most purchasers buy several. Recognizing the potential of her creation, Shelby enlisted her husband, entrepreneur David Marquardt, to establish blue sky scrubs ( David secured production and distribution channels, and is responsible for the new company's marketing while Shelby completes her residency. blue sky scrubs officially launched last month, and thanks to the Marquardts and their team, the medical community now has a huge variety of creative options. blue sky offers sophisticated and whimsical luxury scrub hats in dozens of fine fabrics for both men and women. blue sky scrubs are currently available online only from Private label and bulk orders are also available.