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Inside POOL Magazine Affiliate Program Webmasters discover the full potential of your website! Inside POOL Magazine has been around for only 5 years. In that short time, it has become the most sought-after magazine revolving around pool and billiards in the world. High-impact photography, beautiful layouts, modern designs, quality printing, and a dedication to offering the most extensive coverage on every aspect of pool and billiards are responsible for this high demand. Inside POOL Magazine is pleased to announce the Inside POOL Magazine Affiliate Program. This affiliate program allows webmasters to earn cash just for referring customers to Inside POOL Magazine. This is truly the best way to discover your website's full earning potential. And the good thing about it is there are no orders to process or customers to service. You simply refer the customers to us, and we do all of the work. The Inside POOL Magazine Affiliate Program is easy to set up and easy to maintain. Simply sign up and paste the code we generate for you into your website. That's it! Partners can track their success, monitor their earnings, and acquire html code through our secure partner control panel. It was never easier to earn money on the Internet. Sign Up for the Inside POOL Magazine Affiliate Program today! Already an Inside POOL Magazine Partner? What is the Inside POOL Magazine Affiliate Program? Inside POOL Magazine is a dynamic online store with over 200 Inside POOL Magazine products. The Inside POOL Magazine Affiliate Program is an easy-to-join system that enables webmasters to earn monthly paychecks by promoting products in the Inside POOL Magazine Online Store. These products include Inside POOL Magazine subscriptions, photos, downloads, and merchandise. Earn up to 15% commission on all qualifying products + 30 return days. You can earn a flat 15% commission on all sales from qualifying products in accordance with the Affiliate Commission Schedule. No messy commission scales or tiers to ponder. Plus, receive credit for all sales purchased within 30 days. Additional Partner Referral Commission Affiliates can also earn an additional commission for Partner referrals. If an Affiliate refers a Partner, the Affiliate earns 5% on their sales in accordance with the Affiliate Commission Schedule. Industry leading tools The Inside POOL Magazine Affiliate Team prepares its Affiliates for success by equipping them with highly effective tools. These tools permit the Partner to track their own traffic and sales and the sales of their referred Partners. Excellent Customer Service and Management Work with a qualified Affiliate Team that is dedicated to help you succeed. If you have any questions, contact us at Becoming a Inside POOL Magazine Affiliate is Free and Easy 1. Review our Affiliate Agreement. 2. Complete the Online Affiliate Application. 3. Create and add your links to Inside POOL Magazine. 4. Begin tracking your traffic and earnings online.
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