Women breasts

Breasts, most people love them, they give the milk of life and comfort to the new born. They publicly represent the powerful feminine ideal of womanhood, femininity, fertility nurturing and sexiness. If you are a woman, you will most likely appreciate another woman's breasts and compare hers to your own. Your own self esteem is effected by your beasts, and it is easy to feel inadequate if your chest is either smaller, or much larger than average. Smallness has the advantages in that less weight is easier to carry and makes you less vulnerable to back and neck strain. Where as too large, and you are more likely to get body aches, as well as the stares and comments from people. For men, the female breast has many symbolic meanings: Most men simply adore breasts and the female body, be it the shape, the softness, the movement, or emotional associations. Simply being female makes a woman desirable. Feminine curves trigger the male basic instincts of appreciation and desire, the more conformity to the current fashionable form, the greater the appreciation though not necessarily the desire.

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