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Why do I get spam messages?
Spam messages are popular because they are sent in large quantities that scammers will profit from, even if only a small percentage of receivers fall for the scam. Scammers also know that the vast majority of people can receive text messages and don’t know how to identify fake text messages. They don’t mind sending thousands of texts to potentially active numbers in hopes of getting one successful scam in.

Remember that every spam message you receive has an ulterior motive of some sort. Maybe they want access to your personal data so they can steal money or your identity or just sell that information. Perhaps they want access to your phone, so they can get that information themselves without you giving it to them.

How to identify a fake text message step-by-step
The primary method of identifying fake text messages is to look for warning signs that you are dealing with a scam. The following are some of the most common indications that your unexpected message is fake.

Step 1: The message is irrelevant to you
If the message is completely irrelevant to you, there’s probably no legitimate reason you should receive it. In the best-case scenario, the message was intended for another person. In the worst-case scenario, it was spam. Either way, simply delete messages from unknown senders.

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