10 Fantastic Reason Why You Should Choose An Online Pilates Class This Year

1. Hygiene and Social Distancing
As times have changed sadly we have to be vigilant about where we are and the distance of people around us. Gone are the days when you can go to a Pilates class of 8-12 or more participants and be in touching distance while performing the moves in a communal/multi-purpose space. At home, you can create your own safe, relaxed, comfortable environment and feel safe from COVID-19.

2. Flexibility
Fitting a class into your day previously could sometimes feel more like a chore than a joy. Running late to class from work on a cold, wet lunchtime or a dark winter’s evening was never ideal and the travel time to and from class just adds to a hectic day :-(( At home, you can roll out your mat on the floor, click on the invite link for streaming the online Pilates class and away you go. Simple!

3. A welcome break from your desk at lunchtime
Lots of the people at the lunchtime classes are saying they are enjoying the 1hr break the class brings as they are spending more hours at their desks than ever. Most people are not travelling to and from work now, at least not daily, and therefore now seem to be working their travel time too. It’s good to know a welcome break is there, away from your desk at lunchtime where you can switch off for an hour, move and stretch your body and re-energize.

4. Clearly visible
The good news is that through live streaming you can clearly see me on your screen, someone in the class mentioned the other day that he could see me more clearly now on screen than he could in the studio as he didn’t have to move to the side if another class member was in front to see the exercise being performed before doing it himself. I can also clearly see you on a large TV screen so there is no hiding! The maximum in a class is 8 and I check your technique and movement throughout the class. You can also see your own setup position for the moves on screen too which is an added bonus.

5. Liberating
Someone said the other day she felt it was a liberating experience to be able to join the class when working and holidaying on one of the Scottish Islands. The online Pilates classes will allow you to join from anywhere there is an internet connection and you don’t have to miss classes when you are away.

6. Lower cost now for classes online
The price of classes has come down as there are fewer overheads for me due to working from home.

7. Time to take care of your own body
After the recent situation that we all have found ourselves in and may do again in the future, it’s a good idea to start to take care of ourselves a bit more and not rely too heavily on healthcare practitioners to ease out our achy back, neck and shoulder tensions. If it’s not possible to get to a massage therapist, osteopath, chiropractor, it’s time to take to doing more regular exercise/classes ourselves to keep moving pain-free.

8. Keeping up a routine and connecting with others
Everyone is saying they are enjoying keeping their routine of class/classes going each week. It helps you mentally connect with yourself through body and breath and with everyone in the class.

9. Being less self conscious
For many people beginning something new and in a class set up in a studio with others you don’t know and who have been coming for a while is daunting particularly if you’ve never done Pilates before. Online classes are a great way to feel relaxed right from the beginning in your own environment. There is a 1:1 1hr introductory session so we can get together, chat and do some moves so you feel even more relaxed when class begins and you’ll get a lot more out the class.

10. The benefits of online classes with Jane Hamilton Pilates
The 1hr classes are friendly, inclusive and tailored to your individual needs (beginners to advanced). Clear, advice is given in a relaxed and professional way. It’s a fun and effective way to keep your body and mind in good health in these new times we find ourselves in.

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