Why Your Business Needs A Corporate Video in 2021

The world is obsessed with videos currently. Whether you waste too much time watching silly Tik Tok videos that make you laugh or watch 'how to' videos on YouTube to help you fix a problem at home, we are all watching videos on a daily basis. I don't have the latest statistics for 2020 but I can only assume that with everyone in Lockdown for at least part of the year, streaming videos will have increased yet again.

An article on Oberlo (www.oberlo.co.uk) states that 'In 2019, users spent a weekly average of 6 hours 48 minutes watching online videos'.

So how can this help your business?

1. Increase Sales
It has been proven that if a customer can watch a video about a product, they are more likely to have the confidence to buy it.

2. Increased Time On Your Website
Google will rank a website more highly if it can see customers spend a lot of time on it. Therefore, if you are giving potential customers the opportunity to watch videos about your products or services on your website your average session time will increase and hopefully your rankings.

3. Customer Trust & Confidence
Watching a video about a product, service or your company can give potential customers the confidence to buy from you. Seeing the real people behind a company adds a lot of trust in the company.

Another way to use video to direct customers to your website is to have a section of ‘how to’ videos. For example, if you sell computer software and have short videos on how to set up the software or how to use it, it may result in someone buying the software. More popularity will help increase sales. For customers who already own the software, it is a great way to sell upgrades if you have a video showing what they can achieve with the upgrade.

At STROMA Films in Edinburgh, we have experience working with all types of companies from new start-ups to recognised UK brands. We have created product online films, corporate films and promotional films.