What are the different functions of vertical and horizontal laminar flow hoods in your lab?

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In case, you wish to start a new lab then you will need to get important equipment like laminar flow hoods installed. In fact, there are a number of other crucial and fundamental equipment that you need to install in your lab as early as you can so that you can begin your scientific research studies. This equipment is really expensive and requires you to make a substantial investment. Hence, you should be sure that you are buying the best equipment at the best prices. But for you to be able to do this, you will need to first learn about what the different functions of lab equipment are.

It really does not matter if you are building a new lab altogether or just refurbishing your old one because the right equipment will decide the nature of work that goes in there. In addition to affecting the quality of the work, this equipment also decides how safe the working environment is in the lab. Without proper safety measures in place, the government will not let any labs function and so some lab equipment needs to purchase on a mandatory basis.
In this article, you will learn about such crucial lab equipment: the laminar flow hood, its types, and its functions.

Laminar flow hoods
The laminar flow hood is one of the most essential devices in a lab. The laminar flow helps to control and check the contamination of several types of particulate substances inside a lab. It helps to keep the air inside clean and safe for breathing. The laminar airflow allows air to move at a constant pace in a constant direction and does not let the formation of any cross-air current. In comparison to this, the turbulent airflow will cause the creation of swirls that will deposit particulate matter over more random surfaces in your laboratory. The laboratory should be safe from all contamination, so they will require laminar flow hoods because which can clear the contaminated air from particular directions to the exit area.

What are the different types of laminar flow hoods available?
There are a lot of people who are unsure about the type of laminar flow hood they should buy, they are not aware of the specific direction of the airflow. There are two directions in which laminar flow hoods blow air – either vertically or horizontally. In a vertical flow, the air is blown down from the filter that is placed over the working surface. In the horizontal hood, the air is blown in a forward direction from the filter that is placed behind the working surface.

What should you get for your lab?
There are several factors that will determine the type of laminar hood which you should get. It will depend on factors like your clearance needs, the location of your processes, the layout of your lab, the work surface designs, and so on. But, you must always remember which direction the air is getting swept, that is from the dirty end to the clean end.

What are some of the differences between vertical and laminar flow hoods?
Some of the essential differences between vertical and laminar flow hoods are:
Vertical Laminar Flow Hoods
The hoods in these laminar flow hoods are not too deep and hence they do not require a lot of floor space.
These are useful in compounding sterile products.
These are safe as it does not blow air directly on the operator.
These have a filter at the top and hence are easier to clean.
There will be a low turbulent effect from the air striking any large object.
There would be less cross-contamination of the items that are positioned on the work surfaces.
Horizontal Laminar Flow Hoods
The horizontal laminar hoods can have a larger turbulent effect with the air striking the work surface.
There would not be any sash and so it will be easier for working. The position of the equipment will be easy to adjust although there would be air blowing directly towards the operator.
The hands and the gloves would be less contaminated because they are touching the downstream of the samples.
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You can get laminar flow hoods from both online and offline suppliers. However, laminar flow hoods from online stores will cost less.

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