The Importance Of A Home Alarm System

Everyone wants to feel safe and secure in their own homes. Unfortunately, if you live in a busy city like Edinburgh, that means locking your doors and windows and installing an appropriate security system.

If you live in a house or ground floor flat then it is very important to ensure that you lock all doors and windows every single time you leave your home, however, burglars are opportunists and even if you are at home but they see an open window or door and an empty room they will often just grab and run. If you have left your purse lying on your bed with the window wide open it can be very tempting for the opportunist burglar. We know of one person who had been sitting in their living room with the patio doors open using their laptop and when they returned to the room it was gone. Another had been working in their garden and had left their garage doors open. When they put their gardening tools away they noticed their bike had been taken.

So how can you prevent this happening to you?

Firstly, be very careful and aware at all times. Try not to make it easy for someone to take your belongings. We have created a page of homes security tips on our website that may help -

Secondly, install an appropriate security system and use it.

We say appropriate because every home will need a slightly different security system. A 3rd floor flat will need a different set up from a detached bungalow. At Safe Simple Secure, we will come to your home and provide a free home security survey. We will state what we believe is the best system for your home. It may include just a simple wireless alarm system or you may benefit from a wireless alarm and home CCTV. If your fire alarm is out of date and doesn't meet the current Scottish requirements we will also recommend a new fire alarm system.

Burglars are deterred by security systems and will choose another house instead. If they do try your home and you have CCTV, this footage can help the police catch the intruder.

If you live in Edinburgh or the Lothians, please do get in touch to organise a security survey.

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