Water Slide Rentals

Are you looking for ways to cool off this summer and entertain the kids? Bounce House rentals can be hot in some states during summer months, but Inflatable Water Slides can make cooling off easy for kids and adults. Inflatable Party Magic offers a Texas sized selection of Water Slide Rentals that can make enduring the heat enjoyable.

The question we normally get is which water slide rental or activity would best for the age range or group I am having at my party or event? Typically, you can rental vertical stand alone water slides, slip n slide water slides, bounce houses that have water slides attached to them, water obstacle courses, and even foam pits. We will look at each type below so you can see what would work best for you.

What are Vertical Water slide Rentals? Vertical water slides are just what they say, they are vertically tall and come straight down. The have a climbing wall you climb up and when you get to the top you slide down. Sounds pretty straight forward, but they come with options. These slides normally range in size from 10 foot tall to 24 foot tall. Some have pools and some have landings that are inflated instead. Smaller vertical water slides such as a 10 foot to a 16 foot tall slide is good for smaller children. I do not suggest a water slide with a pool for children under 4. These pools do not get deep, but can be too deep for a smaller child. Water Slides 17 foot tall and up are best for ages 7 to adult. Larger water slides are a great option for teens and adults to have fun as well.

What are Slip N Slide Water Slide Rentals? Slip N Slide Water Slide rentals were the very first water slide rentals and are still among the best renting water slides. These slides are generally double laned and made for competition. Competitors run fast and hard and dive onto the slide seeing which one can get to the end of their the fastest. That reason is why this is such a poplular teen and adult slide. Slip n slides are great rentals for kids ages 7 to adult. This type slide is harder for smaller kids to use as they are normally not tall enough to dive onto their slides and slide on their bellies.

What are Bounce House Combo with slide rentals? Bounce House Combo Waterslides are a favorite among smaller kids ages 2 to 12. This type of water slide has a bouncing area, a climbing wall, and a water slide. The water slides on these are smaller slides usually not more than 8ft. platforms and a total height of 10ft. tall. They are slanted off for smaller children. Adults can enjoy these with their children as they are commercial inflatables, but the fun factor is not their for kids over 12.

What about a Foam Pit? Foam pits are also a great way to cool off. These pits hold about 10 participants at a time and fill up with foam that will cool off any hot day. Foam fights are sure to happen!! Foam pits are great for all ages and events. These are a sure hit at youth and children's church events as well as backyard parties.

Are you still not sure what you need or want, you can call Inflatable Party Magic LLC at 817-800-8618 and we would be glad to assist you in making a decision.

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