Communicating With Your Once Off Cleaning Company

Communicating With Your Once Off Cleaning Company

Just as is with any other sphere in life, effective communication is key to ensure that you have your cleaning needs met. As you compare different companies and the packages they offer, there are various aspects that come into focus to ensure that you get the right cleaner for your needs, and optimal results from the process.

Start by making a cleaning list

What exactly do you want to be worked on? From homes to commercial establishments, cleaning needs vary. Companies also offer different cleaning packages and pricing structures, so having a clear stipulation of the cleaning that you want to be carried out will speed things up and enable to effectively plan your budget. This covers everything from the scope of the work- standard cleaning that deals with the floors, walls, windows, exposed surfaces like countertops and bathroom cleaning; to deeper once off cleaning that gets to those hidden sections such as behind the oven and refrigerator, working on the appliances themselves, descaling of sinks, faucets and toilet bowls, getting rid of the gunk that is in the showerheads, plus basement and attic cleaning. Are there any sections that you want to be off-limits? Are there particular stains that are troubling you? These are the likes of urine stains with pets. Its recommended that you have a comprehensive list in order to make the communication a lot easier- especially if you’re hiring the cleaning company for the first time. Having a list also comes in handy later on when you want to assess the work that has been carried out, checking if you have received the expected services.

Assessing the company’s track record

What do other clients have to say about the company’s once off cleaning services? Go through the reviews from previous clients. In the digital age, you can do that from the comfort of your home or office desk, perusing through the various social media platforms to see what there is to be said about the company, and checking business directories that come with the review feature. Successful once off cleaning companies also tend to have references ready to give protective clients- these are their current and former clients who had given consent for their contacts to be shared with new ones, to call them up and have a chat about the company’s services.

Clear the air
When engaging the company, talk to the personnel about the cleaning processes that they use. Ask any questions you have about the task, and have those grey areas cleared upfront. What kinds of products are used? For households with kids and pets especially, you want to be sure that the formulations employed will be safe for the little ones. There are also clients who are quite particular on the need for using eco-friendly products and systems for the task. In case you have pets, inform the cleaners so that they can prepare themselves, or notify you if you will need to make special arrangements to have the pets off the property for the duration of the cleaning.

Giving feedback

Remember to leave a review of the company after the once off cleaning has been done. Are you satisfied with the results? How was the overall experience? You can call the company, message them or leave a comment on their social handles- let others know about your experience, to help them make informed decisions as well.

Communicating With Your Once Off Cleaning Company

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