Common Mistakes Made During DIY Sofa Cleaning

Common Mistakes Made During DIY Sofa Cleaning

With the growing wave of DIY hacks and challenges, one may feel like adding the sofa cleaning to the list of tasks to take on by themselves. However, this usually results in frustrations and resource wastage. What’s more, mistakes can be costly, where the sofa ends up requiring to be repaired, or even replaced in case the damage was too extensive to be resolved. It’s common to find the DIYers throwing in the towel midway, and calling in help to salvage the situation. The internet is awash with tales of people ruining their favourite sofas. Here is a look at why the DIY process is a risky endeavour.

What Can Go Wrong?
Plenty. Using commercially available machinery and solutions may appear to be a walk in the park, but there is more than meets the eye. Firstly, the capacity of the rented machinery comes into focus. The units operate at lower capacities compared to the industrial-grade machinery that the sofa cleaning Dublin professionals use.

Secondly, there is the levels of skill involved. Without proper training and experience, there are high chances of improperly operating the machinery, and taking the wrong approach when dealing with the cleaning chemicals. This means that even before you have started the task, you will already be at a considerable disadvantage. In case of actual damage to the upholstery, from colour bleeding caused by overwetting the material, bleaching out of the dye used to treat the sofa due to improper chemical usage, or fabric shrinkage due to excess moisture- these are costly to resolve, and one may end up even being forced to replace the set.

There are also those situations where the DIYer uses a toxic mix of chemicals for the cleaning, which ends up putting the persons on the premises at risk. Add to this the amount of work involved. The professionals make it look easy, but when you go the DIY route, you may end up spending days to get through all the sofas in the building, while still juggling the responsibilities of your everyday work and social life. This is with the additional costs that come with renting the machinery, and in case of any damage to the units, there will be an extra charge on top.

Bring In The Pros To Clean Your Upholstery

On the other hand, the professionals have had years of experience, and know how to handle the different types of sofas and their materials. What’s more, they are constantly up to date with the evolving technology of the upholstery cleaning industry, and as such employ the approach that will be most suitable for your particular set. The state-of-the-art machinery that is used cuts down the amount of time spent on the process, and you get quality results delivered fast. They will also be sure to point out aspects your home or business premises that are putting the sofa at risk, and will bring these to your attention, that way arrangements can be made to have them resolved early on and avoid costly repairs down the road.

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