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Here Is Why DIY Sofa Cleaning Is Risky

There are numerous blunders made during the DIY sofa cleaning process. Due to lack of sufficient skills to handle the task, or working with low capacity machinery, things can easily go off the rails. How so?

Firstly, there are mistakes made when handling water. While water is basically a universal cleaning solvent being used across the scope, when it comes to working on upholstery, it may actually damage the s
et. There are fabrics such as linen that are particularly sensitive to water usage, where the material can wrinkle and shrink. When it comes to sofas that have been upholstered with leather, the water results in an imbalance in moisture levels within the material, and also breaks down the bonds of the oil treatments that had been applied to protect the furniture. This puts the structural integrity of the material at risk.

When cleaning the sofa, the DIYer may soak the material in too much water. Here, risks range from colour bleeding where the dyes that the upholstery has been treated with get leached out, the sofa gets soggy and remains wet for too long- which encourages mould and mildew to grow. It can also be a case where the wet vacuums used for the extraction of the moisture did not have sufficient suction power, which means that the sofa will be out of commission for longer as you wait for it to dry, inconveniencing your household members.

A common mistake witnessed during the DIY sofa cleaning jobs is the application of the wrong chemicals. When working with chemicals to remove the stains and dirt spots that are on the upholstery, different factors come into play. For starters, there is the compatibility of the product with the particular material that the upholstery is made of. Secondly, its efficiency in removing the stain or breaking down the dirt spot is key. Add to this aspects such as the safety of the product to the persons on the premises- since you don’t want a situation where the interior space gets choke-full of toxic fumes. The safety of the individual carrying out the sofa cleaning also weighs in, since there are reported cases where the skin or respiratory system of the DIYer ended up getting affected. Why put yourself through all this? Getting the sofa cleaning Dublin professionals to handle the job for you will ensure that it is done appropriately, protecting your property and taking away the dangers involved in the process.

What of the quality of the results? It's difficult for the DIYer to obtain the same standards of results compared to the professionals. You may end up working for hours on the same unit, and still wind up with residue and dirt spots that refuse to budge. It’s frustrating when, after spending all that time and energy scrubbing at the stains, they simply appear to be mocking you because of their adherence to the upholstery. This is not how you want things to play out. Free yourself by bringing in the upholstery cleaning specialists, to take care of the task and allow you to focus on other aspects of your work and social life that you're actually interested in.