8 Best Rakhis to Buy for Brother on Raksha Bandhan 2019

The festival of Raksha Bandhan is celebrated with the ritual of rakhi being tied on the wrist of the brother. So, the sisters also start searching for beautiful rakhis to adorn the hands of their brother few days before the festival approaches. There is a plethora of unique and stylish rakhi available in the market so to know the latest trendy and special rakhis one can read the following article given below. They can then consider buying these rakhi for their brother or send through rakhi gift delivery.

Raksha Bandhan is celebrated every year by tying a sacred thread by the sister on the wrist of her brother. The sacred thread is called rakhi that is tied to provide protection to the brother. On this day, the brother and the sister come together, tie the rakhi and then make a silent vow of protection. Days and even weeks before the festival, sisters stroll from one shop to another in search of a stunning rakhi thread that would adorn the wrist of her brother. There are lots of rakhis in the market that comes in different kinds of styles and designs. Each of the different styles of rakhi holds a meaning behind. Sisters can also order these through rakhi gift delivery (https://www.sendrakhi.com/rakhi-gifts-online) online service and tie it to their brother. To know the special and latest kinds of rakhi being sold in the market, one can go through the article given below to and then choose rakhi for their brother accordingly.

1. Kundan Rakhi

Kundans are the special gemstones that are revered in the Indian culture and religion from a long time. The stone holds divine importance since ancient times. The kundan rakhi is made using the kundan beads in a sacred thread and are decorated with other gemstones and decorative materials. Sisters can give it to their brother for the rakhi’s royal and precious look.

2. Zardosi Rakhi

This is an intricate design rakhi is made using zardosi work that includes pearls, sequins, and many other decorative items. The thread of the rakhi is made of zari that is a shiny thread which is mostly used in embroidery. Sisters can give this rakhi to their brother if they are in search of stylish and colorful options.

3. Musical Rakhi

Musical rakhi is the new and trendy type of rakhi available in the market these days and is very popular among the little kids. It is a rakhi that has a tiny soft toy on the top that produces music when being pressed. It can produce a melodious music, a funny or cartoon themed tune, or animal’s voice. This can be gifted to the little doting brothers on the Raksha Bandhan. It can also be ordered online through rakhi gift delivery very easily.

4. Flower Rakhi

Another striking type of rakhi that can be gifted to brothers is a flower rakhi. This kind of rakhi is made using the real flowers, plastic flowers or sometimes silk thread. The one with the real flowers don’t stay long for too much as the flowers get wilted after some time. Hence, these can be worn for a week to a month. There are silk flower rakhi that can be worn for a very long time if taken care of. Plastic flower rakhi are made using paper and shiny thin sheets of plastic and it lasts for about 2 to three days. This kind of rakhi is most popular flower rakhi as it comes at an affordable price and is very easily available in the market.

5. Stone Rakhi

The stone rakhis are made using stones of both precious and semi precious variety. These stones are placed on a soft silk thread which makes the rakhi look stunning. It can be found very easily in the market at varying rates. One can go for amethyst rakhi as the stone is believed to remove evil or negative thoughts from the mind, and bring intelligence and positivity.

6. Evil Eye Rakhi

There is also one blue evil eye rakhi available in the market. The evil eye stone or charm is placed on a silk thread along with blue or white beads for decoration. The evil eye repels the evil glare or stare that can cause harm or bring bad look to whom the look is directed at. So, evil eye rakhi can be given to brother to protect him from such evil glare.

7. Cartoon Rakhi

Cartoon rakhi are also called as kid’s rakhi and it is embellished with kid’s cartoon characters. This rakhi can be found in local market as well as online stores in numerous varieties as Doraemon rakhi, Chhota Bheem rakhi, Tom and Jerry rakhi, Ben10 rakhi and rakhi of many other cartoon characters.

8. Bracelet Rakhis

Bracelet rakhis are one of the most popular kinds of rakhi available in the market. This kind of rakhi is decorated with pearls, beads, stones and various other items. These rakhi can be worn as bracelets even after the festive occasion as a piece of jewellery.

There are lots of rakhis available in striking designs, patterns, and shapes that can be bought from the market as well as can be ordered through rakhi delivery online. The sisters can send rakhi gifts to brother (https://www.sendrakhi.com/rakhi-for-brother) along with the above listed stylish rakhi to decorate the wrist of their brother.