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- Commercial Window Cleaning
As you run your business, you don’t want to have to worry about working on the windows. Your employees are focused on serving your customers and ensuring smooth flow of operations. Directing them to work on the windows in the middle of the busy day will affect their productivity, and also put them at risk, especially when dealing with the high rise windows. The structural integrity of the windows will also get affected, especially when the wrong products are used. The different glass types, from tempered, glazed windows, those with reflective coating to the low emissivity glass, frames constructed with metal or even fibre glass- they all have different approaches when it comes to the cleaning. Applying harsh chemicals, perhaps in a bid to remove the stubborn spots, can end up wreaking havoc. Damaged glass, corroded frames and seals- these are expensive to repair. In the meantime the business operations will have been affected due to the distracted employees. Avoid the risks and hassle by turning to our commercial window cleaning professionals.

- Domestic Window Cleaning
You want the warm rays of the sun to bathe the interior of your house through crystal clear windows. The dirt and grime on the windows is not only unsightly, but it also dulls the interior of the home, dampening the mood. It’s frustrating when you also have views outside the property- that you no doubt paid a premium to enjoy, and the layers of grime on the glass panes come in the way. Call in our crew to give your windows a thorough wash. They use quality products and systems, with the highly skilled nature of our personnel enabling them to apply the most appropriate approach for your particular type of window. The task is done expeditiously in a fraction of the time that it would have taken had the DIY or rookie company route been taken. Avoid the risk and hassle involved and leave the task to our professionals, who will also put in place safety measures to protect your family members and the property itself. At the end of the process, you get sparkling windows that enhance the beauty of your home, leaving you beaming in pride.

- Reach & Wash Window Cleaning
From the upper floor windows, that huge window in the entryway which opens up the second storey, glass doors, skylights in the master bedroom, glass roofing- these were traditionally difficult and cumbersome to get to, but not anymore. The telescopic poles used with the Reach & Wash® system can be extended to 80ft high, without the need of cumbersome ladders, cranes or scaffolding. This makes it a safer and more efficient approach. Working at heights has been the leading cause of accidents in the windows cleaning industry, so much so that regulations actually stipulate that it should be avoided whenever it is practically reasonable to do so. The Reach & Wash® system fits right into this, meaning our crew won’t need to keep balancing precariously on the ladder rungs as they carry buckets and squeegees, or dangle from ropes. The expensive route of using suspended platforms and all the extra gear that would have been needed is avoided, cutting down on the costs of operations. Higher insurance premiums that factor in the risk of working with ladders are also toned down. The reduced cost of operations can then be passed on over to you through pocket-friendly prices for our services. All this is done without compromising on the results expected, as the windows are cleaned to a crystal clear finish.

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