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Business Directories Ireland

Take Advantage Of These Business Listing Features For Your Local SEO

Business directories allow you to add more than just your name, phone number and address. These online databases have advanced in design, in order to provide search result that are relevant to the queries made by the user. The filtering and suggesting capabilities are geared towards ensuring that the user easily locates the business providing the products and services they’re searching for within their vicinity. This has led to the addition of extra features that you can use to submit more information about your business, and reach your target audience faster. These include:

• Description
Here, your goal is to win the reader over by writing a catchy description that details what your business is all about. What do you offer? What sets you apart? A brief history, what you're renowned for, that prestigious award- anything can be included here. You can also optimize it for a specific keyword, but don't stuff with keywords. Remember to be coherent and straight to the point. You don’t want to overload the reader with information, as that is a turn-off.

• Reviews
How was the experience of other customers with your business? There are business directory Ireland listings that have added the review section that enables persons who have interacted with businesses, purchasing products and services, to leave a brief comment on their opinion of how things went. Actively cultivate the reviews by reminding your customers to leave feedback about your business. Once a review has been submitted, respond to it. In fact, according to a Local Consumer Review Survey, 89% of consumers read the business’ response to reviews. For those negative reviews, seek to resolve the issue amicably and ask the customers to update the review once a solution has been reached.

• Direct Messages
This feature is available on few directories, but it’s being rolled out further as the adoption grows. Basically, the user making the query on the directory is given the option of sending a text message directly to the listed business.

• Video
In addition to the photos that show snapshots of your business, you can now add videos to your business directory profile, a feature available in some of the listings. The power of videos cannot be ignored. One-third of online activity is actually spent watching video. 92% of mobile video viewers share the videos with others- making them spread faster. In fact, social video content generates 1200% more shares compare to text and images combined. According to Cisco, by 2021 every second, 17,000 hours of video content (that’s one million minutes) will cross global IP networks. You want to get on this bandwagon and take your business to greater heights. Use the video features to add some creative flair to your profile. Depending on the directory, it may appear on the overview tab of the dashboard.

Growth on a Budget
Getting on business listings and maintain your profiles is a budget-friendly local marketing approach, with far-reaching effects in attracting your target audience. What more, it bolsters your other marketing programs without much effort on your part.

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