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The Value Of Business Listings For Your SEO Efforts

With SEO, the goal is to increase your digital footprint and online exposure, thereby driving more web traffic to your site. Thereafter, the task is to have valuable content that converts these leads into sales. Business listings come in to boost both processes. How so?

• Reach your target audience
Business directories have a direct influence on in-store traffic. Customers using the directories to make a search are most likely already interested in the product or service- and are just looking for the nearest provider. They use the directories to compare businesses, from the location and prices, operation hours to the reviews left behind from other customers who have previously engaged with you. They are already at the tipping point, wallet in hand, and are simply shopping for the business that they can trust to meet their needs. Getting exposed to this market has a high return on investment. In fact, over three-quarters of searches made for local businesses through mobile devices end up buying from local stores.

• Improve local visibility
The advanced filtering systems that come with the directories are designed to increase your exposure to your local community. This, coupled with their suggesting capabilities, and the fact that search engines trust them more and list their results at toward the top of the SERPs, increases your visibility. With the directories themselves, a user can specify the criteria they want to use to search, such as by service, category or location, and find you even though they don’t explicitly know your business name. This is particularly beneficial since most of the time people know the product or service they need, but not where they can get it. Being put in their line of site bolsters your business.

• Enhanced credibility
The search engines rank their results based on location, relevance and prominence. Let's focus on the last of those three. How well is your business known? Can you be trusted to deliver on what you promise? This is gauged using information that the search engines obtain from different sources on the web, from the links and articles published about you, to the customer reviews and the listings on the directories. Having consistent and accurate information across the listings also serves to add credibility to your business, further improving your local ranking.

• Strengthen your reputation
This focuses on the human aspect-how internet users- who include potential customers, partners and even investors- perceive your business. The review platforms that come with the directories allow persons who have engaged with your business to leave behind feedback, whose impact is as crucial as the traditional word of mouth. In fact, these tend to be more trusted than business ads themselves - whether it's to find a hotel for a vacation, reserve a table for dinner at a local restaurant, choose your next television or garden pump, book a dentist appointment, or purchase software for a company. Did you know that close to three-quarters of consumers trust a local business more after they've read positive reviews about it? In addition, according to Spiegel Research Centre, close to 95% of shoppers go through online reviews before they make a purchase. As such, the review component with the directories is a major boost to your brand and marketing efforts.

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