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Using Business Listings For Enhanced Local SEO

SEO is all about improving your web content to win you higher ranks on the search engine result pages (SERPs) for the applicable searches. Internet users rely on the search engines- from Google, Bing and Yahoo! to those managed by social sites when looking for products and services. It's speed and effectiveness at the palm of the hand- especially with the increased use of smartphones. More searches are being made for businesses "near me" and others that specify locations, to enable the users to find the providers that are close to them. This makes local SEO vital for your business. Quoting the official Google rep presentation at Secrets of Local Search conference held at Google HQ, 46% of searches made have a local intent. In addition, 60% of the persons looking for local businesses use smartphones, hence the need to optimize for mobile content.

Improving your local visibility
The business directories are massive databases. However, they have advanced filtering capabilities and suggesting features that connect businesses with their target audience. They allow the user to search using specific criteria, be it by service, category or the location itself. When you enter accurate and complete information, the directories will enable you to connect with the persons searching for your products and services, even when they do not explicitly know your business name. With searches like "yoga classes near me" or "best dining in Dublin", the query doesn’t specify the business name, but when you’re listed in the associated categories, you will be brought closer to the user. Consumers are looking to locate you online before visiting your business premises. At SMX East that took place at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in Manhattan, it was revealed that 72% of the consumers who performed local searches ended up visiting stores within 5 miles. This also improves your brand awareness. When on the directory, a user is presented with a list of businesses relevant to the query, for them to compare and contrast in order to make an informed decision. This list displays a brief snapshot of your profile, hence increasing the familiarity with your brand, even when one doesn't click through.

Interconnected With Search Engines
When an internet user makes a query on Google and other search engines, they crawl all over the web and analyse data to return results that are relevant to the keywords used. They have business listings themselves, but in order to ascertain the credibility of the information, they compare it with the data drawn from business directories. For this, consistency is key. You don’t want your name or location appearing different formats across the directories, and this will be interpreted to mean that they are different entities altogether. The information that is availed in the listings, from the name, contact details, operating hours, photos and even videos for those directories which have the feature- enables more value to be given to your business, boosting the trust in your reliability and relevance to the query, hence you get a higher rank on the SERPs.

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