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Value Of Business Directory Listings

In this day and age, the internet is a major and indispensable marketing tool. Online media has grown into a fast and easy way to get your products and services promoted. There are numerous marketing tools that can be employed, and one of the most popular -and also amongst the least expensive- is using business directories. Basically, they are huge databases that contain information about different businesses, categorised based on the industry they operate in, the products and services provided, all through to the location. One simply submits information about the business, and the directories connect them with persons interested in engaging them- be they consumers looking for their products, suppliers and vendors looking to work with them, and even investors scouting for partnerships.

Targeted lead generation
This particularly has a high ROI. When a person is making a search on the online directory, they are already interested in a particular product or service, and are simply looking for providers close to their location. Visitors directed from the business listings are amongst the most ready-to-buy traffic, resulting in higher sales. This makes it a great marketing tool that is bound to increase in-store traffic, thus boosting your local SEO efforts.

Develop your brand image
As the searches are being made, the users may not even know your specific business name at the onset. However, they will see it on the list of results that are displayed when the associated query made is related to the category and location that you operate in. Each brief snapshot comes with the details of your business, from the name and the services offered, contact information, description and even photo for those directories that have the feature. Exposure is good for your brand, as it increases consumer awareness and familiarity with your business, warming them up for further engagement.
The directories also come with customer review components. Genuine reviews are as effective as the traditional word-of-mouth. In fact, results of a survey released by Spiegel Research Centre showed that close to 95% of shoppers went through online reviews before they made a purchase. According to Testimonial Engine, 72% of customers don't even take action until they have read reviews. The real-time posting and sharing capabilities further allow customers to publish these reviews on the go, even as they experience your services. Before engaging a business, consumers are increasingly first going through the available reviews, and therefore this gives you an opportunity to strengthen your reputation.

Working with Search Engines
The majority of the internet community relies on search engines like Google and Bing when looking for information online. These go through loads of data in order to return information that is reliable and accurate to the user. They compare the data they have on their listings with that which is available on the directories. Having information that’s consistent and up-to-date all through gives credibility to your business, giving you a higher rank on the SERPs. This is further bolstered by the links directing traffic from the directories to your website.

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