The Best Bi Couple Dating Site Review -Most popular and leading bisexual couple dating websites

Bisexuality is always misunderstood and discriminated, so that many bisexuals are hidden and unwilling to be honest about their sexual orientation.
Fortunately, is a platform that share sexual orientation easy for you. The bisexual dating site ( is your most trusted friend and advocates bisexuality out of the cabinet. Be proud of who you are. is a dating site designed for bisexual and bisexual curious people, helping thousands of bisexual singles and couples finding the suitable partner.
Bi Couple Dating Features
Bicouples has many features that make it a perfect bi couple dating site. The most important function is search. Members use can quickly find the other half of interest through countries, cities, hobbies and sex.
In addition, Bicouples has a feature referred to as Let's Meet, which allows you to choose either Yes or NO to be paired with someone through a member photo.
Bicouples has been named one of the most trusted websites for bisexual dating by the bisexual and LGBT communities. It is the ideal website for bisexual singles and couples dating, meet up, marriage and more.
The Cost of Finding a Bi Couple Dating Opportunity on Bicouples
Signing up on Bicouples is free. Free members can upload upto a maximum of 26 photos in their profiles.
With the search function, you can quickly find user you are interested in bi couple dating, view personal details, and send messages for free.
Only one dollar a day can be a gold member. Being a paid member has a lot of exclusive benefits that allow you to search for potential partners easier and quicker. Some of them are:

Ability to send messages and emails to any user
Better customizable search feature
Ability to hide your profile views for better privacy
See latest members who logged in to the site
See members who recently visited your profile
Access to exclusive dating tips
Private albums
More personalized services
View all videos
Add personal notes on your favorite profiles
Why is Bicouples Unique?
Unlike other platforms that present themselves as bisexual dating websites, Bicouples boasts users that have a lot in common – they are bisexual, open-minded and like adventurous. Therefore, they are highly into bi couple romance. This common interest makes bi couple dating and hooking up a lot easier and effective.

In real life, it is hard to find other bisexual with the same likes and hobbies as you. When you are looking for bisexual boys or girls on ordinary social platforms, you may encounter mischief, so bisexual dating becomes more difficult.

Therefore, provides a safe and effective solution for bisexual dating, serving only bisexual people, chatting with thousands of bisexual singles or couples, dating, finding suitable parter.

Bicouples is the bi couple online dating site just for bisxual couples, singles and bi-curious, it is not only a dating service website, but also a bisexual supporter, while providing bisexual dating skills and advice through website blogs and forums.

It is bound to become the most popular website, whether it is looking for a single bisexual woman, or looking for a couple to seek fun.

Therefore, the website provides a safe and private dating environment, 100% protection of user privacy, allowing users to boldly realize their own fantasy and enjoy unlimited love and adventure, like a heterosexual search for love, friendship, marriage.

Bicouples is Bicupid's website. It has been a concept of bisexual dating for 21 years. It has thousands of friends and success stories. Whether you are bisexual, sexual, or mobile, we welcome you to join us.

Bicouples is the world's leading online bisexual dating platform with a total user registration of over 1.5 million. It is mainly from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia. It was founded in Silicon Valley in the United States in 1997.

Since its inception, Bicouples has been dedicated to both sexes. Love singles, couples or curious people provide a full range of online dating services, for the user's better interactive experience, Bicouples promotes IOS, Android APP mobile client, long-term pioneer in the APP Store social category, more than 100 monthly active users 10,000, maintaining a leading position in the industry, becoming the world's first bisexual online dating platform.

While covering the PC and the mobile side, the Bicouples bisexual business and functions have also steadily improved. Always continue to innovate, continue to open up new business, and serve bisexual users.

The traditional dating model is too formalized and the dating efficiency is low. Bicouples is more flexible and more efficient than the traditional dating model.
In recent years, Bicouples has been advocating more and more men, women out of the cabinet, big data dating, research and development of intelligent search matching system, whether you are looking for a single bisexual woman, or looking for a couple who are looking for fun, you can quickly find the perfect Partner.

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