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Different areas need to be attended to during the end of tenancy cleaning. Take the kitchen for instance. There are the work surfaces like countertops that are notorious for getting stains, cupboards and drawers that have grime in their nooks and crannies, and grime hotspots like the dishwasher filters and refrigerator shelves. The sink needs to be worked on, with cleaning and polishing of the surface to restore its sparkle. Grease splatters on the walls from cooking activities, to thick layers of grime and burnt-on food deposits within the oven, the dirty and slimy bin- all need to be worked on during the end of tenancy cleaning. In the bathroom your to-do list includes the shower area and walls that have accumulated scum and soap deposits, mirrors that have become dingy such that one's reflection is no longer clear, all through to the toilet itself, with its component parts including the seat, lid, handle plus the tank. The living room, which is the heart of the home, also accumulates grime over time. Those parties, snacks as you spent time with your friends and family, the games your kids and pets play on the sofas and lush carpet- the gunk and stains that accumulated during the occupancy need to be got rid of. From the cabinets, coffee tables, bookshelves the furniture and carpet for those fully serviced rental units, those with decoration sets, the draperies and even artwork hanging on the walls- the grime covering them should be removed. Even the bedroom has chores awaiting you, from the bed frames and floor, to the built-in closets. Going over to the windows, their constant exposure to the elements causes layers of soiling to form on the glass surface. Dust and hard water deposits, insect gunk and bird droppings on the sills- the landlord will want them eliminated, and the windows sparkling. Avoid the workload and get quality results by bringing in our end of tenancy cleaning experts.

Reasons To Hire The Professional End Of Tenancy Cleaning Team

In-Depth clean
Your goal is to have all the areas of the residence worked on, and our end of tenancy cleaning team comes with the tools needed to carry out a thorough job- from scrubbing stains off the countertops and floor, cleaning the upholstery and furniture for those fully-serviced units, flushing out the grime that's in the carpet using hot water extraction systems, descaling and polishing the bathtub, sink faucets and fittings, working on the shower screen to get rid of those scum and soap deposits, wiping down the mirrors and sanitising those frequently touched surfaces, dusting and wiping the light switches, skirting boards and curtain rails, attending to the wall pictures and dado rails, spindles and bannisters, cleaning the windows both internally and externally, working on the wardrobes and built-in closets, dealing with the different components of the toilet from the bowl and seat, under the rim and the toilet tank, all through to getting rid of the cobwebs on the ceiling corners. The greasy deposits on the extractor and oven in the kitchen, units like the dishwashing machine- all are worked on by our end of tenancy cleaning crew. Those stains from wine, juice, coffee and other beverages that had set onto the hard surfaces are removed, and so are the urine stains from your furry friend. Odours fouling up the interior space are neutralised, with the products being used leaving behind pleasant fragrances. As the tenant, you get to have the entire residence ready for inspection by your landlord or property manager. The thorough process also means that you get to move with clean belongings, ready to start your new life on the right footing. For the landlords, the professional end of tenancy cleaning ensures that the residential space will attract new tenants, and that your property will be protected.

Trusted to deliver
One of the risks of going the DIY route is using the wrong cleaning agents and processes for the task. Mistakes made can cause you to corrode materials like the carpeting and upholstery, scratch windows and mirrors, and scour countertops and other surfaces. Some solutions dull the polished surfaces, others weaken the finishing coats that had been applied. You don’t want to run these risks just as you`re about to move out of the residence. Remember that any damages will become liabilities whose bill you will be forced to foot. Our end of tenancy cleaning personnel are fully trained, and have years of experience to boot. That way you can rest assured that the property is in safe hands.

Eco end of tenancy cleaning

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