Applying Bona Systems For Optimal Results On Your Floor

Applying Bona Systems For Optimal Results On Your Floor

Bona products are globally renowned for the quality protection they provide for floors. They add to the charm of the surface, enhancing the ambience of the premises. There are different systems available, and the application procedures vary depending on the specific products being used, their compatibility with each other, and the end result that you desire. Some of these include:

Lacquer System
The floor is first needed to be sanded down to the bare wood. Carry out a coarse and medium sanding using the Bona Power Drive or Belt and Edge Sander. Then, with a trowel, use the Mix & Fill Plus to fill any scratches and cavities in the floor. Mixing the sanding dust with the filler enables it to blend with the attributes of the rest of the floor. Carry out a round of fine sanding using the Belt and Edge sanders, and you can smoothen it out further with Bona FlexiSand.

Now the floor is ready to receive the base coats, and these are the primers. They prepare the wood to bond strongly to the layers that are to follow, and are also used to set the tone that you desire. For instance, if you want a white-washed look, use Bona White. To retain that natural look of the pure wood, then you can opt for the Bona Natural. There are also the Bona Intense, Amber, Quick and Classic options to choose from. The primers can be applied with a microfiber roller, but for the Bona Quick drying gel it's recommended that you use a trowel.

After the base coats have dried, the next stage is applying the lacquer top coats. Here, your pick depends mainly on the wear requirements of the floor. For instance, Bona Novia has been formulated to handle the needs of domestic establishments, and it has a drying time of 1 to 2 hours. For heavy wear in residential premises, office blocks etc., you can use the Bona Mega with a coverage of 8-10 m²/L and allow 2-3 hours of drying time, or Bona Traffic with a similar application rate but a drying time of 3-4 hours. For establishments that handle very high traffic and you want protection from extreme wear, then you can use the Bona Traffic HD.

After allowing the required drying time, lightly sand the topcoat with a machine like the Bona Buffer or FlexiSand system. Add another layer of the same topcoat that you had applied. All thats now left is to let it dry before you allow normal traffic back onto the floor. In case you are expecting extreme levels of traffic, you can add an extra third layer of the lacquer.

Natural System
Here the goal is to protect the wood floor while still preserving that natural look and feel of your installation. As is with other applications, first the floor will need to be prepared. This involves a thorough coarse and medium sanding, followed by filling the gaps and scratches, then a fine sanding to smoothen out the surface. Systems like the Bona Belt and Edge Sanders, PowerDrive and FlexiSand units can be used.

Once the bare wood is exposed and ready, apply the first coat of Bona Natural, using a microfiber roller. For both areas of heavy and light traffic, use Bona Natural, with an application rate of 8-10 m2²/L and allow 1-2 hours drying time. Next is where the difference in these environments comes in. For domestic wear, add a second coat of Bona Mega Natural and allow 2-3 hours drying time; but for high traffic locations where heavy wear is expected, apply the Traffic Natural product and let it dry for 3 hours.

A light sanding is then carried out with units like buffers or the FlexiSand. Thereafter, add another layer of the product used, then allow complete drying and curing.

Sportive System
Gymnasiums, basketball courts, indoor arenas and similar establishments have their unique floor requirements. The surface should be wear and slip resistant, especially with all the frequent sweating and cleaning involved. There should also be adequate shock absorption to reduce chances of injury as athletes make impact with the floor, and the finish used should prevent dirt from clinging to the surface. The Bona Sportive system allows you to achieve this.

After the floor preparation (sanding and gap filling), apply a coat of the Bona Sportive Primer using a microfiber roller evenly on the surface. Give it 2 to 3 hours to dry, then add a layer of the Bona Sportive Finish. Note that the finish will need to have been mixed with its accompanying hardener, and shaken for at least 1 minute before application. Once dry, lightly sand the surface.

The next step is making to make line and court markings on the floor, depending on the requirements of the game or event that it's intended for. For this, use the Bona Sportive Paint, that comes in numerous colour options ranging from light and dark blue, to yellow, green, orange, red, black and white. You can also mix them up to develop a unique shade. For its application rate, 1 litre can cover around 80 m x 5 cm lines, or 100 m x 4 cm lines. Note that, with the enhanced opacity of the Sportive Paint, you won`t be needed to sand the surface again before overcoating it. Once the markings are ready, apply two more layers of the Sportive Finish, and allow to dry completely.

Diverse Products For Your Unique Needs
There are numerous more options to select from, including Bona Nordic Tone, Rich Tone, Craft Oil and other oil treatments. They each come with their instructions for use, that way you can go about the application process following the appropriate procedures, enabling you to obtain quality results each time. Since they protect your floor, you get to cut down on costs that you would have spent on repairing or replacing damaged boards, while at the same time enjoying the look and feel of the finished surface. The accentuated interior space will make you proud of your investment be it at home or in commercial establishments. With issues like slip resistance being increased, accidents on the premises are also minimised. All this is achieved in a cost convenient manner, as a result of the affordable pricing of the various products.
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