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Just like any other surface, windows are bound to get dirty over time. In fact, since they are directly exposed to environmental factors around the clock, the rate of soiling increases. Dust gets blown onto the window by wind, there's the exhaust fumes from the vehicles passing outside the building, those at the beach have to contend with sea spray, when it rains the water droplets go forming paths on the dust coats, insects deposit body waste as they scurry along the window surface, and there are even birds that perch on the window sills, and before they take off they deposit faecal residue. For those residential and commercial establishments where some recent construction works have just been carried out- or perhaps it`s as a renovation project where the premises was being spruced up, then there are issues ranging from paint over-spray to cement splashes and mortar particles that end up on the window. In addition to these are the mineral effects that create spots on the glass surface. Take for instance the water droplets that hit the window from the sprinkler system that's on the yard close to the building. The water supply from the mains contains dissolved mineral salts, that are left behind when the water evaporates. In fact, this also occurs when the water is used for the DIY cleaning process, which is why the professionals employ pure water for the task. Acid rain also has an impact, adding to the mineral salts adhering to the glass. On top of this is the oxidation effects witnessed in installations with metal frames and screens. Over time, the window loses its appeal, affecting the aesthetics of the establishment. That's not the sight you want greeting you when you come home, and it`s not the image you want to portray to customers who have come to your business premises to purchase your products and services. The functionality of the windows is also compromised, especially when it comes to issues like letting in adequate sunlight into the building. Get things back in order by dialling up the expert window cleaning crew.

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Equipped to deliver quality results
Window cleaning is an intricate process, and our crew have the tools needed to get the job done right each time. From truck mounted units that provide mobility and ensure that our crew have all the power and resources needed to hit the ground running- including the water and systems like water fed poles, to specialised tools and window cleaning agents for those tricky spots that require extra attention. The water relied on is pure. Basically, it`s taken through an extensive filtration process, reverse osmosis and also de-ionisation in order to remove the dissolved mineral salts and any solid content within the fluid. These are the particles that are responsible for leaving spots on the window during the DIY and rookie cleaning process. With our services you won`t have to worry about that occurring. A thorough wash is carried out, involving the water being pumped up the telescopic poles at a high flow rate, then delivered in jets directed towards the window. Brushes at the top of the poles' heads scrub the glass, agitating the dirt and grime, which dislodging them and enables them to be easily washed off. It's then rinsed thoroughly, and the windows allowed to dry for streak-free results.

Tailored costs for your individual needs
Everyones situation is unique. What's are your particular window cleaning needs? How many windows are there? What are the sizes of the glass panes? They may even be louver blinds, or colonial glass that requires specialised treatment. How much soiling is involved? Are there simply smears, streaks and dirt spots, or is there paint overspray or even cement splashes on the glass? Are there fly-screens to be attended to? How frequently do you want to schedule the services? How high are the windows, especially when it comes to multi-storied buildings? These vary from one residential or commercial establishment to the next. There are also those cases where obstacles like screwed-on security screens and grills need to be considered. Our affordable residential and commercial window cleaning services are suitably priced to take the situation you`re in into account, and are available all through the year.

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