Premature Baby Growth Chart

Having a baby often feels like a second inning of life. Your entire world revolves around your little one, and you’re extremely picky about what to do and what not to for you baby. Watching your child develop is the most fascinating thing about parenthood. But for some parents, the joy turns into a worry if the baby is born earlier than it should.
Factors Influencing Premature Baby Growth Premature births can have an impact on how your child develops, and the sooner your child is born, the higher the risk. So, it becomes important for you to keep an eye on your child's growth pattern in a much more cautious setting. However, it is about finding the right balance: the process of development of each child is different and the pace usually varies. Your baby's development depends on a wide range of factors that include:
The environment
Genetic constitution
Culture and influences around him
In a premature baby, growth and development of motor skills are partially delayed due to some treatments, such as the use of a respirator, and in rare cases, if the baby also takes certain medications. However, with the growing awareness of premature births, the medical system has developed techniques to reduce the delayed stages in the baby's premature growth patterns. The late stages appear less in babies born with a birth weight of 1 to 1.5 kg.
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