Deep Green Carpet Cleaning: A How-To Guide

Spot cleaning can only do so much. If you spot clean too much, your carpet becomes covered in bright, white spots. If you don’t spot clean at all, you leave distracting stains all over your carpet. It may not be within your budget to get a professional steam carpet cleaning done each and every time your carpet begins to look spotty. So what do you do? Here’s an easy, ‘green’ way to deep clean your carpets without breaking the bank. This tutorial was created by the highly trained team at Belview Floorcare, LLC a Rochester, NY based professional steam carpet cleaning company and I hope many of you will take this opportunity to learn from carpet cleaning professionals.

Before you start, you’ll want to clear the affected carpets of any furniture. Take them and move them outside (if the weather permits) or into another room. You won’t need them.

Begin the process with a regular spot cleaning before getting into the heavier work. First, vacuum the carpets. Go several times over the same spots, so the whole carpet is thoroughly vacuumed.

Next, mix together ¼ cup salt, ¼ borax and ¼ cup white vinegar. Apply this paste to the heaviest stains in your carpet. Leave the paste to sit for several hours until it dries before vacuuming over the carpet again.

Next, we use the steam cleaner. Don’t use carpet shampoo, which can contain harmful chemicals. Instead, use hot water, which can get grime out of your carpet on its own when used as very high temperatures. Soak the carpet in very hot water before going over it three or four times with the machine on the suction mode, sucking up as much water as you can. A tip for those messiest spots that are the hardest to get out – adding 1 cup of white vinegar to every 2.5 gallons of water will assist when steam cleaning an especially soiled carpet.

Once you finish steam cleaning the carpets, go ahead and steam clean them a second time. Whether you rented the machine, borrowed it or you happen to own one yourself, using it a second time around will only be good for you.

Let the carpets dry. Open windows to create a cross-breeze. Run the ceiling fan and any standing fans (standing on a non-carpeted part of the floor, of course) to circulate the air in the room. Once they’re nearly dry, you can move your furniture back into the rooms. Just a tip – place aluminum foil under furniture legs, to keep any color from bleeding into the wet carpet. Make sure the carpets dry completely before you walk on them again.

As a final step, properly dispose of the water in the steam clean machine. If you rented your machine from a rental service, call the business and inquire if they take the machine back full of if you’re required to drain it. We also recommend calling your local water treatment center for information on how to dispose of the waste water.

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