Secrets to Look Sexy and Slimmer

If you're overweight, to begin with, do not feel bad about the body. Instead give attention to the positive aspect in you e.g. your look, your waist, your eyes, your hip and legs, etc. You just need to care for some styling tips so you can simply cover your fat and look slimmer.

Let's Observe How -

Highlight Your Plus Points

Emphasize the most amazing parts within you. This way no one will notice your imperfections. For instance if your waistline is heavy avoid the thick belts. Just as if your hip and legs are beautiful use keen length tunics or kurti to emphasize your legs rather than your heavy chest body.

Color Selection

To obtain a slimmer look wear single shade outfits. In this way you can look taller and slimmer.

Footwear Selection

Wear at least 3 inches heel footwear. People's emphasis will divert to the heels more than your chubbiness. Avoid using ankle joint strap or closed toe footwear. Open up toe footwear can help your hip and legs to look slimmer.

Give Extra Care to Fitting

Fitted of clothes is vital to look slimmer. Avoid using loose fitting clothes. Also don't wear too tight clothes as they'll cause you to look even extra fat. So make a balance between too loose and too tight.

Pay Attention to Neckline

For a slimmer look wear open neck clothes. You can look just as slim as your neck will appear much longer. Avoid using high neck or clothes with closed necklines. It makes your bust area look even heavier. For example wear low cut blouse and V-necks with beautiful necklaces.


Pay extra attention while choosing dress materials. Select soft and free flowing materials like georgette, chiffon etc.

Patterns and Design

Avoid clothes with broad horizontal pattern. Vertical designs are what you ought to go with. If you value floral designs choose smaller ones.

Shade and Color Selection

Dark color clothes are ideal to look slimmer. Dark shades like brown, blue, black, plum, burgundy etc. colors give slimmer look. These colors hide chubbiness while light colors emerge it. Nowadays jeweled shades are in fashion. So you may use them too. Buy latest collections dark shades sarees online USA.


In case your hip area is heavy then wear bold jewelry like big size pendant, long necklace, bracelet etc. In this manner you'll be able to attract give attention to your neckline alternatively than hip area. Also avoid using thick waist belt or such designs in clothes. The same manner if you have a dual chin necklace must not be too near your face, since it will highlight the chin; much longer necklaces have the contrary effect.

Hair Style

Tie your hair rather than giving them open. It'll make that person look thin.

Inner Wear

To look slimmer always choose right fitted inner wear. You can even wear tummy trimmer or corset for a bulged belly.