Fired Up | What Drives California Elder Financial Abuse Litigation

At Hackard Law, we have the privilege of talking with dozens of people every month who call us about elder financial abuse against a family member - living or deceased. The simple truth is that the calls are the equivalent of a real-time focus group on what causes Californians to choose probate or trust litigation against elder abusers to make them accountable for their wrongs. Some of the influences that weigh heavy on taking decisive action include:

Fear: Fear for the physical well being of parents. Fear for the financial well-being of parents and their estate. Fear that a wrongdoer's conduct will only get worse if not stopped. Fear that if further wrongdoing is not prevented, that the well-being of the entire family will not be protected.

Closure: When the elder financial abuse is that inflicted upon a person now deceased, the family wants closure. The decedent worked hard throughout life and deserved better than to have estate or trust assets looted near life's end.

Accountability: A perpetrator of abuse against an elder or trust beneficiaries must be held accountable. This is in part a community safety issue. If wrongdoers can violate others' rights with impunity, then all of the community is threatened.

So here's the deal, when we speak with family members of victimized elders, we ask them to tell us their story. It's safe to say that usually the family members are "fired up" - fired up in the sense that they want us to get to work in righting a wrong. We're often asked if we take these cases on a contingency fee basis, and the answer is a qualified yes. The bottom line is that we need to know enough about the case, its parties, the trust or estate assets at issue and the chance of recovery. Neither our clients nor our law firm should be blindsided. It is important that we learn the facts early.

If you are "fired up" over financial elder abuse committed against a family member and you want to speak with attorneys experienced in this type of litigation, call us at Hackard Law: 916-313-3030. We serve clients throughout California, including in Los Angeles, Sacramento, the Bay Area and San Diego. We'll be happy to speak with you.

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