Capstan Atlantic is a leading supplier of powder metal components in North America. The following describes our capabilities:

Materials: High density, high strength iron and steel alloys, sinter hardening materials to eliminate heat treatment. Brass, copper infiltrated, copper steels, nickel steels and low alloy steels.

Types of Parts: Large (to 825 ton) multi-level structural parts and gears for automotive powertrain engine and industrial applications, requiring tight tolerances and high density. Complex, high strength, high AGMA class gears including helical, spur, bevel and fine pitch pinions. Gear surface densification for improved gear performance. Small close tolerance parts. Structural parts for lock, hardware, appliance, power tool, automotive, recreational vehicles, and sporting goods industry. Powder Metal

Specialties: Precision engineered helical, spur and combination gearing. PM gear capability to AGMA class Q9. Large multi-level high strength parts. Sinter hardening. Small complex structural components.

Manufacturing Capabilities:
Compacting Equipment: Mechanical Presses: 4 ton to 825 ton.

Other Consolidating Equipment: Coining presses 12 ton to 825 ton.

In-House Secondary: Proprietary gear rolling and finishing equipment, C.N.C. turning & machining, grinding, honing, coining, rotary sizing, broaching, double disk grinding, honing, welding, reaming, tapping, boring, vibratory finishing, brazing, steam treating, oil and resin impregnation, deburring and assemblies.

In-House QC & Metallurgical Inspection: ISO/TS 16949:2002, ISO 9001:2008 certified. Complete Metallurgical Lab and Quality Assurance facilities. Gear Metrology Center for checking helix (lead error), involute profile, and other elemental gear data, M&M gear checker, red liner gear checker, vision/touch probe hybrid automatic C.M.M., mechanical testing, specialized gaging, metallographic equipment, and transverse rupture testing. Magna-Flux & resonant NDT inspection. Capstan

Prototype Tooling: Complete in-house tooling and design for rapid prototype and development. State-of-the-art tool shop. Helical gear grinder. Complete inventory of tool steels.

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