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Positive Qualities

• Aries women are free spirited and Taurus men are grounded, this relation can be an interesting one, where both can learn a lot from each other.

• Aries women are outgoing, fun loving and very social, Taurus men are patient, calm and stable. They balance each other out very well. Each has characteristics which the other admires.

• Aries women are extravagant and like to live their life to the fullest, whereas Taurus men are very down to earth and live a simple life both can provide the balance they need.
• Aries women can teach Taurus men to loosen up and live a little and Taurus men can provide the much needed stability in the Aries women’s lives.

• Aries women can teach a lot of independence and free living to the Taurus men and bring a lot of excitement in their lives and Taurus men can teach the Aries women about stability and control.
• Aries loves to do things spontaneously and with lots of energy, they bring a lot of excitement in the relation, and this helps the Taurus not to be stagnant in life. Taurus are cautious and like to move when they are certain, this provides the much needed stability for Aries.

Negative Qualities

• Aries women love their independence and they love to do things they love, this can create a problem in the relation because the Taurus men are reserved and calm.
• There could be a lot of difference in opinions between the two, Aries women are very open and would confide in Taurus, whereas Taurus could have a lot of secrets.

• Aries women love to socialize and flirt a little which they see as a harmless fun, the reserved Taurus men will not appreciate this character of the Arians as they are very possessive and jealous, this can cause rifts in the relation.

• Both the signs are very ambitious, when Taurus looks for stability and secured future, Aries women wants to have fun and live their life to the fullest. This can cause rift and misunderstanding in the relation.

• The impulsive and rash decision making behaviour of the Aries women might make the stable and stubborn Taurus men feel uncertain and insecure.

• Aries and Taurus both wants to be a leader and both will strive for dominance in the relation, this can severely have a negative impact in the relation and can also threaten the relation.

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