Why people always ready to put their money on a Swiss made watch?

Your watch does more than just showing you the time or being a pretty ornament on your wrist. It speaks of your power, preferences and needless to say style. Thus when you choose a watch you should do so ever so wisely and make sure you choose a watch worth holding on to. If you consider your Swiss Made to be an investment they and investment consultant would advise you that you buy it for purely aesthetic and emotional reasons. However there are several reasons which make the world go gaga over the two words, 'Swiss made'. Here are a few of them:

The tag of Swiss made
The foremost reason for people to invest on Swiss made is for the tag, this does carry weight as the Swiss government is very stringent regarding the allocation of Swiss made tag to watch making companies. It is solely provided to watchmakers who create, assemble, case and inspect their products in Switzerland are awarded the brand of Swiss made. However you should be aware of the fact that Swiss made and Swiss movement are not the same things. Swiss movement watches are assembled and cased elsewhere while the movement of the watch is Swiss.

The durability factor
The hundreds of dollars you pour in for a Swiss made assure you of one thing; durability. They are not going to stop anytime soon and that is a guaranty you can take. This is the reason why Swiss made watches have become the best examples of heirlooms. There are several specific models that keep making rounds at auction houses and stalwart Swiss watch makers do not vary much from them. The fact that these watches keep circulating in the auction houses is a true test of its durability.

The style
The attitude and gravity that Swiss made watches carry is reflected well before you say it is a Swiss made. These watches are true reflections of you and the man you are. Swiss made watches are synonymous with luxury and elitism. This is the major reason why the high and mighty starting from celebrities to sportsman to business own Swiss made watches. Their style is truly unique which is why they are made exclusively and have limited editions.

The money
If you are rich and you want to own stuff that will portray you as being rich then a Swiss made watch is one thing you should own. A Swiss made spells out money any day and that is another reason why stalwarts like to show it around and count it as their necessary bling. However if you are buying a Swiss made for the purpose of re-selling and getting higher returns then you are slightly wrong. The worth of a Swiss made watch rarely goes up with time unless you are buying the big brands. Even then connoisseurs in the field will advise you to go for the traditional models because they have a higher chance of giving you back your initial investment.
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