How to Soak Bamboo Skewers

As an environmental materials skewers, bamboo skewers are more and more popular to grilled food. You certainly like these long bamboo skewers that holds various tasty vegetables and meat. How to avoid the skewers to be scorched or burning during your happy grilling time? Follow these below tips to ensure your quality grilling every time.

Step 1:
Fill a clean food container with water (warm water is better). Water is the most used. However you can do some special if you hope to try a flavor kebab skewers. Such as soak in some juices. But please be careful to soak in Liquor! You know liquor can be ignited. Safe is first, my friend. Fill your clean container halfway with water then you can go to the next step.

Step 2:
Soak your skewers now. Put your skewers in the water container. Wet all the bamboo skewers and completely submerge below the water surface. You can try to wash these bamboo skewers softly if you still worried the heath of the skewers. Before you begin grilling food on skewers, you need to make sure these skewers have been soaked at least 30 minutes. (0.5 ~ 3 hours is the best)

Step 3:
Remove your bamboo skewers out of the water and load with food. Drain the water from the skewers when you are ready to grill. And then you can line with various vegetables, meats or other foods. To compare with the metal skewers, these bamboo skewers is fragile. But bamboo skewers are environmental and disposable. Disposable means no need to clean it after barbecue. Ha ha ha… I love bamboo skewers! : )
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