All about Cricket and the Kookaburra Cricket Gear!

The game of Cricket is all about excitement and passion when the national team is on the ground. The game of cricket has a huge history and thus is a huge part of world history. It was first played in the 16th century in South England and eventually it became the national sport of England. As the game became popular during the British Imperialism, it spread to the parts of the world that were ruled by the British Empire.

The first international cricket game was held in mid-nineties. Some countries where this game is popular are Australia, England, India, South Africa, West Indies, etc. The game has changed tremendously with the use of technology associated with the game. The referring decision is made by the umpires based on the hi-tech systems and these systems are also used for analysis and improvement of skills, techniques and equipments being used by the players.

Now, apart from the original test matches, one day international matches, twenty-twenty matches etc. are played. The game of cricket involves use of various gears starting from the basic ones such as English Willow, ball, stumps and other protective gears. The ball that is used in the game is heavy and made of leather and can injure players if it hits their body hard. Pads and gloves are used for wicket keeping and batting, helmets are used to protect the head and an abdomen guard or box is used to protect the crotch area.

Playing cricket without the essential & protective Kookaburra Cricket Gear is not a good idea. It is dangerous and can cause several injuries and accidents. Wearing protective gear, even while practicing is essential to avoid accidents and protect oneself. These equipments and gear are available in several brands that produce sports products and some of them are dedicated to producing equipment for cricket only.

Why cricket gear is essential?

Each cricketer fears injury. Even smallest niggles, strains and knocks can have a huge effect on your present game and in the long term as well. Consistency is essential for a cricket player irrespective of being a bowler or batsman and other essential things are fitness routines and confidence to play the games. Getting injured can get in the way of your game and hence guarding yourself against injuries in all possible ways is essential.

Quality of equipment: Another essential thing about you must consider is the quality of the equipment. Some players simply use old equipment for playing. While sometimes it might work out, but sometimes it can lead to harsh injuries.

Where to buy?

Cricket gear can be bought from local stores or online cricket store. The cricket equipment such as bats and other essential things such as pads, helmets, and Kookaburra cricket gloves online and other equipment are easily available in these stores. Buying Kookaburra Cricket Pads from online stores can help you save time and your equipment is delivered at your home. Buying online also has an advantage that you can avail huge discounts and offers and get cheap Kookaburra Cricket Bats, cheap helmets, cheap Kookaburra cricket gloves, cheap balls, etc. They offer various modes of payments such as debit or credit card, internet banking, cash on delivery etc.