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Let Your Car Accident Attorney Help You Win Your Case

If you were injured in a car accident, then you know how frustrating it can be to deal with an insurance company. It’s hard to find an insurance adjuster who is focused on settling all personal injury insurance claims, and it’s darn near impossible to find an insurance adjuster who will offer a fair settlement to a victim that is not represented by a good personal injury lawyer.

Although most claims are approved in a timely manner, the practice of most insurance companies is to offer an inadequate, lowball payment. This is why Los Angeles car accident attorney services like Kuzyk Law exist - to help people get what is due. Get a personal injury attorney for help filing your claim, and you will have a greater chance of getting the fair amount to cover all of your damages, medical bills, lost wages, etc.

Don’t File a Claim Yourself

When you deal with insurance companies on your own, you’re likely to end up with a smaller amount than you need, simply because, just like most people, you are probably unfamiliar with the tactics and procedures used by insurance companies. An insurance claims adjuster will be just giddy with evil delight if you call them to try to settle the case without a lawyer, and will be rubbing his grubby hands together thinking of that bonus he’s likely to get when he settles your case for less than half of the case’s true value.

For example, when you are advised by a claims adjuster to go to one of their independent medical examiners for observation, the results of your evaluation very well may conclude that you are at pre-accident condition. This is commonplace when doctors and insurance companies work together to help each other out professionally, instead of helping out regular people with real problems.

When an insurance claim adjuster recommends that you go to one of their medical providers or “in-network” auto mechanic to assess your injuries and vehicle damage, you should be very suspicious. These so-called independent providers work on the insurance companies’ side, because those insurance companies hand them your business. Their car repair guy will slap on a bandaid, fix only what is on the surface that you can see, and ignore the internal damage that is likely to cause problems later, after the settlement is done and you can’t go back and get more repairs. They’ll use used parts instead of new, factory parts as recommended by the car manufacturer. They will save the insurance company as much as they can so they keep getting the insurance company business year after year, and they will not give you and your needs a second thought.

You need an attorney who is familiar with the strategies, tricks and tactics that insurance companies use to avoid paying out fair compensation, even when their system demands insurance premium payments on time. A car accident injury attorney knows that personal injury victims are likely to receive inadequate payouts from insurance companies, and that’s why an attorney is willing to help you receive your benefits, and will fight hard for you.

Who to Contact for Legal Help

If you were injured anywhere in the Antelope Valley, Kuzyk Law in Lancaster offers a free consultation to help you with your personal injury situation. Los Angeles County’s best accident attorney services are here to help resolve your claim issues, and will take your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and meet you anywhere, any time. Kuzyk Law knows that accidents happen at inconvenient times. It does not matter what time of day I tis, Kuzyk Law is there for you!

These attorneys work on a contingent basis, which means there are no charges for legal services unless your case is successfully settled, and you are not responsible to advance costs or pay anything unless and until Kuzyk Law gets a recovery for you. The attorneys at Kuzyk Law Firm welcome you to contact the office today for legal assistance. Kuzyk Law really appreciates your referrals, so if a friend needs legal help, do your friend a favor and call Kuzyk Law right away.

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